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The Antarctic Apocalypse Story: Chapter 2: FF Disagrees
Published 3 months ago
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Hello everybody! Here is Chapter 2 from the 2nd Part!
( https://mecabricks.com/en/models/Jk2EylOz29A )
And, sorry if the Model isn't very good. I didn't really know much to do! disappointed face But, anyways, HERE'S THE STORY!! (Partly suggested by @Frenchfry207 winking face )

We all went out of the Hut, and put on our full Gear. And Legozavr, TCM, and Cliff_Guy were going off. But CG stayed around for this.
AB: Are we seriously going to Build Huts? Who put you In-Charge!
As I stammered, and went rambling about.
AB: FF should be in Charge! She's the one that should show us how to Survive!
Me: Ok, but I still say we Shelter!
CG: FF should show us what to do! After-all, she did survive through that big iceberg fall by her I.Q.!
FF was Cold, and snarled at the thought. As something struck her at the Moment.
CJ: Where are you going?
We all stared, and wondered what she meant. We watched herself fade away by her motion.
Armored: What in the world was that all about?
Me: I don't know. But give her time...

to be continued...

And sorry again if that was Short, I just had a BIG Chapter last time. But thank you all so much for the Support! I have a Big Story coming your way!

~'The Antarctic Apocalypse' Story Hosted by Lego_Lover~
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3 months ago
Oh man, this is getting tense...but then again, no one ever agrees in the apocalypse XD

Love the drama in this scene (ArmoredBricks is way too happy though lol), keep up the good work thumbs up sign
3 months ago
I’m with FF and AB, we need to do something! pouting face (just me in character again, awesome job L_L you’re doing great :thumbs_up:
3 months ago
I am loving this story line but...…… WHY AM I SO MEAN!!! Even though... I do mildy think that FF should be the leader. It would be the logical thing to do. But I mean, you do have more fighting experience....? I dunno??
3 months ago
How do you do that emoji?
3 months ago
You really built up the tension!
Keep up the good work!
smiling face with open mouth
3 months ago
Thank you all so much for the high Support!! smiling face with smiling eyes
3 months ago
smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes!! Thank you soooo much for taking my idea into consideration! I'm drawing this part right now smiling face with open mouth
3 months ago
You're welcome FF! And that's cool!! Will it go up on your YouTube Channel???? Confused face
3 months ago
I am Sorry just now seeing this flushed face
But love it smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
3 months ago
E.J.B: Haha! It's fine! And Thanks!! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
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