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Published 2 weeks ago
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When Jack, Spark, Jono, Brock, MaTech and Joe got to the place that Jono wanted to get, when Spark said the question they were all thinking
"Where are we?"
"To headquarters" replied Jono
"Do you have pancakes?" asked (you already know)
"Will you stop moaning." groaned Joe
"MaTech what are you doing" asked Jack, MaTech had been suspiciously quiet recently and Jack wanted to know.
"Nothing much." he replied
"That isn't much of an answer." Jack replied
"Somethings wrong." Jono interrupted
Then at that moment a green ghastly figure creepy.
"What really?" said Brock sarcastically taking out his hammer
"You cannot defeat me." smirked the green figure, "As I shall destroy you!"
"Who are you!" shouted Jack though he already knew, Devark.
"I am the almighty Devark." bellowed Devark "and I am here without my servants the Gastlugs to destroy you."
"Your Gastlugs destroyed my pancakes!!!" roared Brock! And with that he charged with the speed that could knock over a mountain!
Jono started building up a huge energy ball MaTech taking out a gun, Spark creating a thunder storm and Jack gathered up loads of pure power in his hands, Joe on the other hand did nothing.
The battle begun, they all (via Joe) shot their moves at him.
Then suddenly Sparks storm evaporated and Jono's ball disappeared but Brock charge hit Devark and knocked him over, MaTech shot a net over him and Jack pressed the power down on Devark, they were going to win!
Devark shouted, "Servant serve!" Jack jumped up expecting to see Gastlugs rise from the ground but they didn't come, instead a voice said from behind them, "Yes master." Joe. That explains how the Gastlugs kept finding us. Then a flash of light occurred and they were both gone. "Joe!" roared Brock, he obviously didn't know that she betrayed them, Jack didn't want him to know, the knowledge would break him.
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