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Chapter 4
Published 6 months ago
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More random than it was supposed to be... but still needed

The plan was set, and things were about to start heating up. It was, in some ways, a simple plan. Mancontro, Lego_Lover, FlameWielder, Pyro, Rickard Cinema, Snap Studios, MrBrick, JCreations, Chuck, Dragon_Rider06, and LegoWilderness were all to board five small well armed transports, which were currently covered by a rocky breakaway shell. They would fly over to a small astroid field, located on Lord Phantoms circular path of travel, and once near they would be let into the ships disposal system by Gman and Lax. Meanwhile, Operator would run things back on the Melting Back, along with Catz and myself. Catz seemed to be somewhat responsible for different random tasks, such as being the teams medic and minor technician, while Operator was, well, the operator of course. I however wasn’t really sure of my purpose. At the moment I was standing, watching each of my friends prepare themselves for the flight.

“Hey, can someone help me over here!”

I looked to see Flamewilder trying to pull a large crate onto one of the ships, and having nothing else to do made my way over.

“I’ll help,” I said with a smile before taking the other end.

“Oh, thanks Mr. Greenflame.”

“Um, Mr. Greenflame?” I asked with a puzzled expression.

“Yeah, you’re one of the big guys on here. I feel like I should be respectful.”

“Don’t bother,” I said as we walked to the back and loaded the heavy object onto a bench. “So what are you going to be doing on this mission?”

“Um, I’m not sure. I know I’m teamed up with Pyro, but I’d personally rather be with someone like MrBrick. I like my brother but, it gets old.”

“What are you saying about me?” Pyro jokingly called from the cockpit.

“Pyro!” FW shouted with a slight jump. “You’re supposed to be helping.”

“I am, I’m helping myself. They told me I’m to be flying this here puppy, and I wan’t to do it right. Now, leave me to my study of the users manual.”

FW looked at me with a roll of his eyes.

“He’s not being serious,” he whispered before creeping over and pulling the book from his brothers grasp.

“Hey! Don’t, no wait,” he shouted, but it was too late. FW already was triumphantly holding the Ninjago comic book up in the air with a smirk.

“Some users manual,” he said sarcastically.

“Alright fine,” Pyro said before reaching for the real manual. “It’s not my fault it was sitting on the copilots seat.”

FW would have retorted with another friendly jab, but was interrupted by myself.

“That’s LL’s right?” I asked drily.

“Um, yeah. So what?” Pyro asked.

“Well, most of us are pretty cool about things like this, but LL does have this thing about getting ticked off when people mess with his things. I kinda feel like you should put that back.”

Coming to this realization, both brothers left the scene in a hurry, wanting to keep their distance from LL if he happened to find out. So now I was left alone, with fifteen minutes before takeoff. I looked at the dashboard, then at LL’s comic book, and then made my choice; I’d do it.


Lego_Lover stepped aboard the transport he’d be taking, a backpack slung over his shoulder. It was five minutes till takeoff, and he was ready. Walking into the cockpit he suddenly stopped, and his face turned red, well, as red as a digital LEGO minifigure face could.

“Greenie!” He exclaimed in shock, “You know not to mess with my stuff.”

I looked up from the comic book, and suddenly felt like sinking into my seat, through the floor, and out into the endless space beyond.

“I um, sorry bro,” I said before getting up. I felt horrible.

“Man, why did you have to do that just before everything. I mean it’s fine, but, you know I just get fired up over things like this.”

“I’m really sorry, I eh…” I stopped and thought. Why had I done that? During my time of recovery I’d read all the Ninjago comics books more than once, and was quite sick of them to be honest. In fact, the was literally no reason why I would have wanted to read LL’s comic. I looked up at LL to apologize again, but kept my mouth open as he just stared at me sadly. His eyes were deep and singed with hurt, giving me the impression that he knew my thoughts.

“Stay safe bro,” he said with a nod. “We’re leaving now.”

I waved goodbye before turning to go, rethinking what Dragon had told me. I wasn’t right in the head, not at all, and I knew I could really screw things up. However, things didn’t have to be that way, they could go smoothly, I would just have to try.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24
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6 months ago
Very nice chapter!
Op, how could you?
6 months ago

cool chapter greenie!
6 months ago
@Chuck I don't even know how to answer that
My O key is just fine

Anyways, thank you!
6 months ago
no prob!
yes, IDK how it broke, i think going gvfdbskfshadifhbyutfgihtghiyhtginjmjuhygtyhujiuhgktmfthkjdedpfkgfofgjf alot
6 months ago
LOL!!!! I'm literally laughing... because going asdlkfha;sdlfaflkjas;dflkahsd;flaskhdf a is such a Chuck like thing to do...
gdadl;galdskjg ;ldkjasdjghaoghapdgasdgasdfasghoisdashk
6 months ago
#alsdfja;lskdfj a;sldkfjaofasdo;fijasdlas;gohsdagoasdpgiasg;ljkladkfjhsdjkh
6 months ago
Talk about going deep! Keep writing!
6 months ago
mdgyhrjhvdshdhsdifgeswqyeritgryiwpekr,gjhgyiupiekoih0ju8nwnewip[rtohkiuewinkml;smjhibvtyguhdfrtyujigbgfvcs4rdfghnmiufbdcrtygIKtrESWedrfHJkIgfCrtYUijkhgErTYUikmhjgvdcwrTYUIkjJbfGrmdgyhrjhvdshdhsdifgeswqyeritgryiwpekr,gjhgyiupiekoih0ju8nwnewip[rtohkiuewinkml;smjhibvtyguhdfrtyujigbgfvcs4rdfghnmiufbdcrtygIKtrESWedrfHJkIgfCrtYUijkhgErTYUikmhjgvdcwrTYUIkjJbfGrgvfdbskfshadifhbyutfgihtghiyhtginjmjuhygtyhujiuhgktmfthkjdedpfkgfofgjfalsdfja;lskdfj a;sldkfjaofasdo;fijasdlas;gohsdagoasdpgiasg;ljkladkfjhsdjkh
6 months ago
Yay! I made the cover!!
And yeah, I'm probably that ignorant of mecabricksian people
6 months ago
@Dragon Thank you! And yes... well... I might just do that...
Greenie get's that last smirk

@Chuck alsdfjalskf jslgjsadgsadhgalgjhsdkjhskjh

... I have so many characters it can be hard to fit everyone it sometimes... my mistake... sorta O_o... Anyways, idda know
6 months ago
@Greenie - that's not what I meant
I meant I don't even know who Lego_Lover is, let alone his personal preferences
6 months ago
I think you mean Rickard Cinema.
6 months ago
@FW Up!

@Jusy He's a dude

@Lax... oops... I knew something was wrong... but I was too lazy to make a few clicks and find out
6 months ago
I was talking to justy
6 months ago
Nice! Just keeps getting better!!!

(totally didn't forget to comment on this 2 days ago. . .)
6 months ago
6 months ago
6 months ago
Nice work, Mr. GreenFlame.

"while Operator was, well, the operator of course."

3 months ago
Now, no, I did not kick Greenie. Maybe cyberSPACE Op did, but I did not.
Nope, Op gets the last smirk. Always.
3 months ago
Or it was me wearing a costume..

3 months ago
Are you sure?


3 months ago
Oh, Greenie-boy, I have a whole arsenal of weapons you've never seen.
3 months ago
ok one of those is really scary
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