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Armageddon: The Beginning
Published 6 months ago
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I was exhausted.

Breathless, I tried to focus.
My mind filled with past regrets, weighing my body down with a wave of anxiety that I knew would last for hours, maybe days.
What had I done?

Just a few days before, I had installed a new program on my computer after the whole 'Corruption' incidence occured. Ya see, my trackers had failed miserably, and it was time for a new update - the improvement that I was looking for was just around the corner.

That's what I thought.

And yes, that program did have a name: The Script.

Seemingly harmless, I uploaded the code into my laptop, specifically on a chip. Now I regret this decision, knowing what derision and harm I could have prevented if I would've been a bit more cautious. The computer somehow contracted a virus, one that shut down my whole system and wreaked havoc on all nearby tech available - I couldn't just re-invent the stuff... money is scarce nowadays.

The virus soon spread to neighboring towns and small cities, just waiting for its chance to create a literal assault on our planet, one that would last for days.

Well, now you know the story, but not to its fullest; just the basics - it's just too painful to describe. I had caused this, this...


No, it's not figurative; the destruction the virus had caused was vast and unstoppable.

I just can't stand and watch.

I can't let this happen by myself.

That's why I want you to join me.

Somehow, I knew I hadn't caused this. One of YOU did.

I hope you like it! If ya want to see yourself in the upcoming chapters, then just send a link to your sig!

Now this almost has a Westing Game feel... xDD

Signing off,

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5 months ago
Story time with LW. Sounds good bro!
5 months ago
Thanks bro

Yep, I decided it was time xD
You want to join?
5 months ago
Awesome! Stories coming out all over the place! This sounds great LW!
5 months ago
Thank you so much!
If I may ask, would you like to join?
5 months ago
also i m a y have an idea to show multiple images in one model for stories!
5 months ago
Thank ya so much gal! I'll be making the next chapter about in the next week or so.
5 months ago
*In Gandalf voice*

"It's Armamageddon!!!" xD.
4 months ago
I am working on the second chapter as we speak, so be prepared for your roles
4 months ago
I would love to join, if it’s not too late! (By the way, InterBrick is a complete and utter nerd.
4 months ago
I'll definitely put you in, then!

It's certainly not too late.
4 months ago
Wait... I can still join....
4 months ago
Is there anything special I need to add? (like stats or something)
4 months ago
If you want to, that would be great! Just make a fig (casual clothes, or something interesting
), and put some personalities, traits or skills.
4 months ago
OK! Great! I’ll get to work soon!
4 months ago
Is it possible for me to join? I'm kind of new, and any new opertunity to hang around with more experienced MBers is appreciated.
4 months ago
would I be allowed to make that one weird dooms-day prepper thats been waiting for this apocalypse?
4 months ago
Woah, I'm actually pretty honored for you to ask! Sure!

I'll add your role
4 months ago
here you go, edgy apocalypse man to your service.
4 months ago
Thanks dude! Also, thank you for filling in the last role.
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