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Brainiac’s Revenge Episode 9: The Never-Realm!
Published 2 months ago
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MOCmaster: We here but why it it’s cold here?

J2fam77: Because it’s the Never-Realm.

MOCmaster: The Never-Realm it’s ruled by the Ice Emperor who is Zane.

J2fam77: Zane he is the Ice Emperor.

TheSpyderBrick: We must find Akita to stop him and his Ice Samurai also called Blizzard Samurai.

Akita: Who are you?

MOCmaster: Hello my name is MOCmaster and those are my allies TheSpyderBrick and J2fam77.

Akita: Nice to meet you unfortunately Kataru was took by Boreal and the rest of the Formlings are on ice by the same dragon and I seek revenge for the Ice Emperor.

MOCmaster: We know the Ice Emperor is Zane.

Akita: What Zane it can’t be.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Hello who are you strangers?

All of the heroes: We are here to stop you Ice Emperor.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Tell me your names?

Akita: My name is Akita and I am here to stop you with MOCmaster J2fam77 and TheSpyderBrick.



MOCmaster: What the heck is this huge army.

All of the heroes: FIGHT!

Blizzard Samurai 1: Got you Green Guy.

MOCmaster: Not so fast!

Blizzard Samurai 2: I got you.

J2fam77: Not so fast.

Blizzard Sword Master: We win.

TheSpyderBrick: Got you.

Vex: Only one more hit until she loses.

Akita: Only Zero more hits until Vex loses.

All of the heroes: Aright we must team up together to stop the Ice Emperor!

Ice Emperor/Zane: I think I will win this.

All of the heroes: Not so fast.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Get them!

MOCmaster: I can handle this.

Ice Emperor/Zane: 1 down 3 more to go.

J2fam77: I got you.

Ice Emperor/Zane: You’re wrong I got you.

TheSpyderBrick: You’re powerful but I am more powerful with my Gold shield and sword.

Ice Emperor/Zane: I got you only Akita left.

Akita: I am the only one so I need to stop you.

Ice Emperor/Zane: I know I will win this.

Akita: I need to stop you now!

Ice Emperor/Zane: Not so fast.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Yay I won I will send them to the castle of the forsaken emperor Boreal come.

All of the heroes: We lost so one of us needs to call Reece before Boreal comes to sends us to the castle of the forsaken emperor.

MOCmaster: I have the phone in my pocket so I must call Reece.

(Meanwhile in Space)

Reece: Are you coming MOCmaster’s team.

LegoCommanderBacura: Reece you got a call.

Reece: Hello MOCmaster.

MOCmaster: We lost to to the Ice Emperor who is Zane in a battle in the never-realm and I need you to save us and defeat him before Boreal takes us to the castle of the forsaken emperor.

Reece: The Ice Emperor is Zane well I must come now quick and I will meet you when I arrive.

MOCmaster: Bye.

LegoCommanderBacura and TheRealChonkey: What do we do?

Reece: Stay in the ship while I fight him.

(1 hour later)

Reece: We arrived and Boreal is nearly here so I must be quick.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Stop him.

Reece: Not so fast I am more powerful than you.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Agh Boreal come now.

Reece: I need to stop him now.

Reece: I stopped him.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Who is he is going to stop next me!

Reece: One more hit then I win.

Ice Emperor/Zane: Run!

Reece: I stopped you.

Ice Emperor/Zane: No no.

Reece: I will heal you all.

All of the heroes except Reece: Did you defeat him?

Reece: Yes I did.

All of the heroes: Yay we win thanks to you at the last minute.

Reece: Let’s stop him but before that I need to combine your Quinjet to my Ninja Tuner Car 2.0.

(1 minute later)

Reece: I combined it now.

All of the heroes except Akita: LET’S STOP BRAINIAC ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Reece: But let’s say bye to Akita first all of the heroes.

All of the heroes: Bye Akita I will miss you.

Akita: Bye.


To be continued in Episode 10?
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1 month ago
For people who thinking why I am not doing episode 10 this week it’s because it’s the final episode so there will be 3 teasers teaser 1 will come out today.
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