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FV4101 "Charioteer"
Published 7 months ago
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The "Charioteer", or FV4101, was a post-war British armoured fighting vehicle (cruiser tank/tank destroyer). The vehicle was produced in the 1950s to up-gun units of the Royal Armoured Corps continuing to use the Cruiser Tank Mk. VIII during the early phases of the Cold War. The vehicle itself was a modified "Cromwell" with a more powerful gun (Ordnance QF 20-pounder) installed in a relatively lightly armoured two-man turret.

"Charioteers" wasn't used widely by the British Army, but saw more extensive use with overseas users in Europe and the Middle East.

Model converted from LEGO Digital Designer.
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7 months ago
WOAH! Face with open mouth That is one sweet looking tank! Now I want to create a render of it. I think I might! winking face
7 months ago
The angles on British tanks aren't easy to do with lego-- this is awesome. Great job!
7 months ago
Legosim, thank you! Yeah, they're square-ish only at first look =) But I'm not so pleased with the turret shape. On the other hand, idk, is it possible to make it more solid...
7 months ago
Finally, all renders were uploaded. Sorry for spamming the images section with them =D
4 months ago
Loving your military MOCs!! They are excellent!
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