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5002123-1: Darth Revan
Published 2 years ago
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Ancient Mandalorian vs. Jedi war = Canon
Malachor = Canon.
The Old Republic (organization) =Canon
Darth Revan = Next on the list. He even (almost) appeared in TCW!
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2 years ago
I really need to get one of these figures!
2 years ago
Great job on the decals for this guy, Qwerty!

@UmbraManis you mean a polybag minifigure?
2 years ago
@UmbraManis Same here.
@Masman Thanks!
2 years ago
@Masman I just meant I need to buy Revan smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
@UmbraManis Oh, okay. face with stuck-out tongue

I just did a quick price check, he's expensive! $35 for a complete set, $45 for the minifigure. BrickLink prices make no sense sometimes. face with stuck-out tongue First of all it's expensive (no surprise there, it's BrickLink), but why would you want to pay more for less?! Anyways, good luck finding him at a not too hefty sum. smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
hoiw did u get that light saber to glow
can u make headlight do the same
What rendering are you talking about ? The one with a white background or the other ?
Sorry for the absence ...
For the Lightsaber, go see Dulana57 's youtube chanel. For the blender file, the link is in the description. I've always used this file and done some littles modifications ...
1 year ago
just askin cuz i wanted to do it for some of my cars headlights so yea
1 year ago
is that the thing in the workshop
No, I don't think. It's an open source software . Download it in blender.org .
8 months ago
Inkredible render @Sleepy17! The FX or absolutely stunning. smiling face with open mouth
8 months ago
Thank you Samino! smiling face with open mouth
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