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2769-1: Aircraft and Boat
Published 2 months ago
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The inventory is ~98% accurate; I had to replace three parts, plus utilize longer Technics pins to connect an alternative engine section to the fuselage.

1. https://rebrickable.com/parts/4266/wheel-20-x-30-technic/
2. https://rebrickable.com/parts/3587/tail-old/
3. https://rebrickable.com/parts/4617b/propeller-3-blade-55-diameter-with-hole-for-technic-pin/

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This set no. 2769 'Aircraft and Boat' was a promotional release given away to British Airways passengers in 1999.

It's designed by Bjarke Lykke Madsen, a veteran Lego employee with 23+ years of experience, who kindly annotated his entire portfolio on Brickset, over 125 sets in every theme imaginable! Check out this epic list: https://brickset.com/sets/designer-Bjarke-Lykke-Madsen

By 1999, Madsen worked for LEGO Group for about two years. According to Bjarke's notes, he was inspired by a '96 set no. 6563 'Gator Landing' (known as 'The Gold Gang' or 'Smugglers' Hideout' in Europe)—setting the stage in a swamp, with a tiny boat and a waterplane. Madsen's good colleague, Henk Van Der Does, who gave him the initial task, apparently briefed Bjarke as following: "create a plane that was something different than the previous white passenger planes."

The 'Aircraft and Boat' follows my personal favorite schematics for mini-sets: rather than making a single aircraft, the largest-possible within a given inventory, Madsen constructed a miniaturized version of a "full-scale" set instead—complete with two vehicles, a pair of minifigs, a tiny dock, and even decorations and plenty of accessories. And all that in just under 100 pieces, which I think is pretty impressive.

The small seaplane has an open cockpit and cumbersome-looking, all-bricked landing gear: two floats and a back stand of some sort. (Not my favorite part of the model, frankly.) The engine section is much more elegant, in my opinion, even though I had to modify it in my build. In place of a missing 20x30 Technic wheel, I used a pair of 30x13 'Model Team' wheels (Lego part #2695) and switched to longer Technic pins to compensate for this. The rotor itself is also a different mold. The boat even has an outboard motor, despite its' tiny dimensions.

Two minifigs, portraying smugglers as per Madsen's original idea, has lots of accessories: two life-vests, a walkie talkie, a shovel and pickaxe in a barrel, and even an Octan cistern with a tap! (Weirdly enough, it misses one of the "layers," a third white 2x2 round plate on top, to complete a more familiar look). There's even an extra piece of headwear, a pilot's helmet, plus two hats. Epic!

Finally, it also included an alligator—just a standard three-piece mold, Lego part #6026c01 designed by Niels Milan Pedersen in 1994. For some reason, though, this Lego creature practically never appeared within Classic Town, only ever featured in two retail sets: the aforementioned 'Gator Landing' and set no. 6490 'Amazon Crossing' (released in '97 as part of the "Outback" theme, also basically inspired by 'Gator Landing').

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6563: Gator Landing ('96)
Set that inspired Bjarke Madsen


1772: Airport Container Truck (1991)

1774: Aircraft ('91)

1775: Aircraft ('94)

1817: Sea Plane with Hut and Boat ('96)

1818: Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment and Vehicle ('96)

2147: Dragon Fly (1997)

7214: World City's Airline Promotional Set (2004)
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