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Decorated Bits for 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina
Published 8 months ago
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If you need decoratd parts for the 2020 Mos Eisley Cantina set #75290, here they are!

Stickered bits:
2431pb654 - 1x4 Tile - CANTINA
3003pb128 - 2x2 Brick - Droid Scanner
3069bpb843 - 1x2 Tile - Stripe
15068pb300 - 2x2 Curved Slope - Ubrikkaian 9000 Insignia
87079pb813 - 2x4 Tile - Door Control
3005pb045 - 1x1 Brick - Door Switch
3038pb12L - 3x2 Slope - Speeder Detail L
3038pb12R - 3x2 Slope - Speeder Detail R
3068bpb1465 - 2x2 Tile - WANTED Poster
50950pb129L - 1x3 Curved Slope - Stripes L
50950pb129R - 1x3 Curved Slope - Stripes R
60477pb015 - 1x4 Slope - Speeder Detail
85984pb283 - 2x1 Cheese Wedge - Droid Scanner
85984pb284 - 2x1 Cheese Wedge - Control Panel
85984pb285 - 2x1 Cheese Wedge - Screen

sw1125 - Dr Cornelius Evazan
sw0897 - Jawa
sw1046 - Obi-Wan Kenobi
sw0893 - Wuher

These parts are all in the official library, so you can browse or search for them there. If you don't want to go searching for the parts, you can open my model in the editor, save it and then import it into your model.
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56 pieces
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7 months ago
Wow cool. The next time you make stickers could you make the NINJAGO 2021 stickered bits?
39 models | 3.4k views
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