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Published 2 months ago
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This is the latest version (3rd) of a space fighter ship I created for my personal side project, a top-down shooting game. It's inspired by many of my favorite top-down and side-scroll shooters I played growing up. (I haven't had much progress on the game lately but here's a little more on it if interested: hyperburstgame.com)

I wanted to build this for real before posting it here. When I went to order the parts though, I found out how scarce the part #4081a (thin ring) was in the U.S. and that ordering the rather large number of them I relied on would be costly (mostly due to the shipping associated with ordering not enough pieces from too many sellers). I eventually got lucky but will definitely not be relying too heavily on this part in future builds.

That said, I really like the potential of coupling #4081a parts with #35480 parts. Within the width of a 1-stud thick brick, you are able to have studs facing in 3 directions while managing to chain more together freely rotated along 1 axis. I relied heavily on this to hold the front of the ship together.

With this build I also wanted to try my hand at tying in some metallic and translucent parts too.

Thank you for taking an interest! I would love to know what you all think!
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846 pieces
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2 months ago
Wow, this is amazing!
I don't really have any tips or critiques, and the only problem I can find is that this isn't a real set!
If it were a real set, I'd totally buy it!

Note: The link to your game doesn't work
2 months ago
On my previous comment:
The link just has a typo, that's all, sorry!
2 months ago
Thank you! And thank you for pointing out the link typo!
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