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70679-1: The Ultra Dragon
Published 9 months ago
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Track down evil Lord Garmadon, Pythor and the Serpentine snakes with the LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy 70679 The Ultra Dragon! This awesome NINJAGO dragon has a dual minifigure cockpit, 4 dragon heads with stud shooters and snapping jaws, unfolding wings, whipping tail and a handle for easy flying and swooshability. This action-packed dragon battle toy comes with 6 minifigures with weapons to role-play and reimagine classic action from the NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.

This ninja toy features 6 LEGO® NINJAGO® minifigures, including ninja characters Lloyd and Wu, plus Lord Garmadon, Spitta, Lasha and Pythor.

The Ultra Dragon features a dual minifigure cockpit with a throne for Lloyd, handle for easy flying and swooshability, unfolding wings, 4 dragon heads each with an Elemental stud shooter and snapping jaws, a whipping tail and posable joints.

Lift the 4-headed dragon by the handle to increase its wingspan and fly!

Weapons include LEGO® NINJAGO® ninja Lloyd’s 2 gold-colored katanas, Wu’s bo staff, Lord Garmadon’s 4 silver-colored katanas, Spitta’s spear, Lasha’s butterfly sword and Pythor’s short Serpentine dagger.

The LEGO® NINJAGO® Legacy range features new versions of popular LEGO NINJAGO sets from past seasons to recreate or reimagine iconic conflicts from the NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.

Measures over 7” (20cm) high, 21” (55cm) long and 17” (44cm) wide.

-------missing parts-------
- 49452c01 : Plastic Wing Dragon with Dark Tan Spines and Gold and Green Diamonds on White Background Pattern, Sheet of 2 (49452/6253258)
- 15367 : Creature Foot 5X6X2 Ball Cup
- 45185 : Mini Hat, No. 86
- 45186 : Mini Head Soldier, No. 3
- 45187 : Snake Head, No. 1
- 45188 : Snake Lower Part, No. 9

-------missing prints-------
Lloyd :
- 973pb3402c01
- 970c00pb0910

Lord Garmadon :
- 3626cpb2296
- 973pb3415c01
- 970c00pb0915

Pythor :
- 973pb3419c01

Spitta :
- 973pb3425c01
- 970c00pb0917

Lasha :
- 3626cpb2297
- 973pb3418c01
- 970c00pb0917
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973 pieces
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9 months ago
How long did this took to build?
9 months ago
I think 3 days
123 models | 6.5k views
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