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Nano starships animated [3]
Published 2 months ago
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Two Republic starships, an ARC-170 and a Jedi Starfighter, are returning to their base after a patrol.

@Lax: it was your idea to animate these 2 ships, that's why the Jedi Starfighter is purple

I hope that the animation will be smooth when you watch it (I limited the lanscape to something simple)... On my computer it's OK...

Thanks to @The_An0nym for his help and all his amazing work!
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2 months ago
cool! my computer lagged right at the moment the jedi starfighter showed up so it looked like it came out of hyperspace!
2 months ago
Thank you so much!
I've been customizing a Jedi Starfighter lately!
2 months ago
Thank you all!

@SlimBrick1: this is indeed a cool idea for a future animation
2 months ago

The ARC-170 foils are...stiff...
2 months ago
The animation is very good, but i think it would be better if it was quicker? The starfighters look a bit slow. Maybe that is just my opinion.
2 months ago
This is awesome! I love ARC-170s, they look awesome.

Suggestion: N1 Starfighter(The Naboo one? I think that's the name of it) vs. a Vulture droid.
2 months ago
Thanks for your comments!

@Cakery: yes you're right, let's say that I was too lazy to make the foils move when the ship is landing... I may re-work it in the future
2 months ago
Well, I would not have been able to sleep without changing this, so... I made less "rigid" foils!
Is it better now mister Cakery?
2 months ago

Sorry if my complaints are demoralizing you, but I think that the wings and the foils should be inverted (flipped) because the ARC-170's wings are straighter up front, and angled towards the rear.
2 months ago
No problem, thanks for your comments!
I'm not at all an expert of Republic ships, so I started with a model from the Library the I modified quite significantly... but I had not noticed this about the foils
1 month ago
I am very impessed! @general veers this is an incredible job, and i especially like how the s-foils fold upon landing. Perhaps you could put the micro figs inside of the vehicle so you can see the head, But it does involve clipping so do what you wish. very good job, please keep up the good work.
1 month ago
Also, how do you animate it?
1 month ago
@Pyrothrax: thanks! If you want to learn animation, please send me a PM and I will give you a few tips!
1 month ago
@Lax: no problem it's totally worth it!
1 month ago
This is great! But maybe try to have them shoot down some droid ships
1 month ago
or each other...

(order 66)
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