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Tales of Dice Quest: The Characters Thus Far...
Published 3 months ago
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Here ya go! These are all the characters in Tales of Dice Quest so far! In the middle we have Citrine (See-treen) Flamo (Flame-o) and Dash! (Me)

If you enjoy this model, leave a LIKE and comment what I should make next!

-TG Studios (Pray for Zack Schulz)-
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3 months ago
Awesome dude! there is a third character named zack, but I havnt build the lego minifigure version of him yet
3 months ago
Im not sure about that, as its a very plot driven show. And I already have it planned out... Maybe he could make a quick appearance at one point in a future episode?
3 months ago
I was thinking he could be introduced as a new main character in a future episode?
3 months ago
Nope that cant happen, sorry its just its already planned out, its a story type of show. Maybe for a random extra episode? like special episode, idk
3 months ago
Umm TG not that Citrine cares that much but you should really ask permission first.
3 months ago
Nah its fine, its just fan art. but make sure to say that your character is not in the actual show so you dont confuse them. But then there is a chance it could be part of the show, just make sure to make it clear that he is not in the show.
3 months ago
okay... THIS IS NOT IN SHOW! (yet) But if Citrine makes a Season 2 of Tales of Dice Quest, I MIGHT be in it! (There's a 30% chance)
3 months ago
lol 30% chance, you gotta include a percentage to make it sound legit lmao. We will see...
3 months ago
Nice! But what's up with Citrine's scarf? XDDDDD
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