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Ronin *read description*
Published 5 months ago
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For ninjacatz (I Know my names are crap but take it any way)
Bio 1:Sensei ling (old guy that's jumping )
weapon choice: Spear
Age: 61
He came from a line of sensei so he became one to
now he leads five young men against the forces of feudal Japan.

Bio2: Kinping Brothers (the 2 identical people)
weapon choices : Pirate swords
ages: 23
Sung and Hung Kingping are very smart twins who ran away from their evil grandfather. After being found in the wilderness by the sensei and now they fight to drive their evil fathers army of the map of feudal Japan.

Bio3: lugo (The short guy in the front )
weapon choice: Bow and arrow
He is a rare Japanese sharp shooter who has never missed a shot.
At the age of 13 his village was burnt down he lost his parents and his friends, he escaped to a great mountain and there he found the sensei who took him in and taught him the ways of the ninja.

Bio4: Hunin (the guy to the far left, the one with the grey armor)
Weapon choice : Egyptian sword
Age: 29
He used to fight with the Kinping brother's Grandfather but when accused of an assassination attempt he ran away. He nearly died of starvation but the great sensei took him in and now he fights against his former evil allies in Feudal Japan.

Bio5: Jiom Hu (Guy to the far right, one with brown armor)
Weapon choice: Katana Sword
Age: 26
This ex Samurai was a brave fighter he fought the evil forces of Japan.
But one day he was inflicted with a deadly wound. He was left to die, he would have died if it was not for the great sensei that took him in. He learned the ways of the ninja and was the last of the five to join this unstoppable team of ninja, sharp shooters, Samurai, and sensei.

Well there you go I hope you like them because I worked my head of on this bio.
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