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Contest for The_An0nym
Published 8 months ago
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Name: Joe Mortenson
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Species: Human
World: Earth
Reason for Uniqueness: A mad puppeteer/ventriloquist
Weapons: none
Disability: Elderly, handicap, and autistic.

Summary: For his 12 birthday, he got a puppet and he has grown very attached to it. But, that was not a good thing... He became so attached to it that even at the age of 40, he talked to it is if it were alive, and he made it talk back. He wore it everywhere he went, even to the point where he slept with it. Eventually he could not take it off. When his loving family members decided to hide the puppet, Joe went mad and killed himself, thinking that he would reunite with his puppet in heaven.

Sorry if that was too dark
Inspired by: Inception, when the man's wife went crazy and killed herself thinking she would reunite with her real children.
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8 months ago
Let me think...

Originality = 3.5 Points (I couldn't decide between 3 or 4 so I just made it a decimal)
Inspiration = 2.5 (actually 2, but I wanted to make it a whole number & it might have confused some people)
My personal opinion = 1 Point

= 6 Points!!
8 months ago
... My mind is broken rn- I can't sleep
8 months ago
I was kidding but that was pretty dark- But I made a contest once (It was deleted) and the movie it was based off of is a bit dark seeing as ppl's eyes got spiked out and eaten- But yeah
8 months ago
And the movie is Disney XD
8 months ago
LEGOminis - Yes, it does equal 7... Something came up and I was stressed so my brain said: '3.5+2.5+1=6 mAkEs sEnSe'

=7 Points
8 months ago
Wait I thought they were for the story
8 months ago
... :music_note: DARKNESS NO PUPPET- :music_note:
Roommate: Don't remake that song-
8 months ago
I thought they were for the story that The_An0nym is making
8 months ago
That Batman Lego Movie song- WAS HORRIBLE
8 months ago
BatDog - They are part of the contest... But each participant gets a Part in the story as reward for participating!! Don't hesitate to PM with more questions!
8 months ago
@Lego_Tron: Would you be talking about Miss Peregrine’s School for Unique (Special? Talented? Weird? I can’t remember) Children? I watched a bit of it when it first came out, and I was pretty young at that time, and I was pretty terrified. We didn’t watch the whole thing, because I was too scared.
8 months ago
I was too XD when I first watched it- But when I fully watched a few years later I was scared- But didn't start crying my eyes out XD
8 months ago
But it was still a good movie
8 months ago
Yes I was talking about that
8 months ago
But- This brings dark to a whole new level on MB (Besides ChuckZillaTime XD)
8 months ago
I’m pretty sure puppets don’t have souls!
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