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{Event} Ask SCP-6069
Published 4 months ago
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So yeah, i went ahead and did a follow up for the earlier thing.
Basically, since im gonna be using these two a lot more often, theres a lot of gaps in the back story ill end up having to fill. If theres anything youre curious about either the Girl or the Soldier, feel free to ask em here, and ill post the answers in the next model.
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4 months ago
what caused you to not age or die? (soldier) what is it like living (out of time?)
4 months ago
What is it like having your armor stuck fast to your body at all times? Does it induce pain? How are you going to protect your daughter if you don't have any ammo in that gun of yours?
4 months ago
the soldier would beat the snot out of them by using the gun as a club probably.
4 months ago
That's what the wooden part is for XD

Are you aware that you look almost exactly like those elite Nazi soldiers from Wolfenstein: The New Order?

Who's the mother? Is the child adopted?

Did you let the girl use the MG42? You totally should.

Do you need a new gun?

Why would you have a daughter?

Did you take those German super soldier steroids from WW2?
4 months ago
(Girl) Does any body every go insane seeing you? I know an SCP that does that.
(Soilder) Do you apreciate destroying Class D?
4 months ago
Why do you talk nonstop about WWll and other war?
4 months ago
@j2fam77 first of all, I don't. And second, do you not see that this guy is clearly inspired by German soldiers in WW2? I mean, look at the freaking gun! Someone needs to do some research....
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