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Mecabricks Legend: Justyouraveragelegobuilder
Published 3 months ago
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WATCH YOUR BACK!!!! Actually... you might as well have extra eyes all over your head, because it's most likely that wherever you're not looking, this fella will be there. Justyouraveragelegobuilder... did I get it right?... he's one of a kind, at least, he's the only one I've come across so far.

Justy is smart, inquisitive, critical, yet genuine (I think
). Yeah, you're most likely not going to get a compliment from this guy, but if you do, you very likely may have just done something right. He's also a bit of a mastermind, in his own, suspicious, take charge way. A bit of a class act, to some extent... yet despite all this, uh, crazy pocketbook full of mind blowing, if you will, genius, I see Justy as someone who in the end wants to do what's right.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24.!

P.S. #knife!
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3 months ago
HOORAY! Justy’s deserved to be on here for a LONG time! (If Mecabricks was a school, then Justy would be the “class clown”…
But you missed an opportunity, not giving him the JYARSB face…
3 months ago
Yes, he's such a legend... been on here as long as I can remember...
btw... what face would that be XD
3 months ago
this brought a tear to my eye, Greenco!
fifteen minutes could save me fifteen percent or more on model insurance.
cheers, pal!
3 months ago
*tries to find the right word*

hm..mmm.....m......mmmmmmmmm... isn't it weird that there's invisible text here, but not in the other comment?
3 months ago
@Justy No Prob bro
Invisible text inserted here
3 months ago
Truly a stabby legend indeed.
3 months ago
I swell with pride whenever I look at this model. I seriously can't thank you enough! hey
well, I can... I think that having invisible text has become kind of a norm....
but... you don't really look at my comments anymore do you?
I'm going for the sentiment, y'know?
I'm pretty sure that you just highlight them to find the sEeKrIt mEsSaGe!!111!
you thought invisible text would be here didn't you?
and here!
you also knew some would be here, but thought there would be more invisible text right below here. but there wasn't any! o_O
so... yeah.
3 months ago
yes. . .a master

love the new name greenie!
3 months ago
huzzah to the yellow faced dictating knife lover
3 months ago
@Catz Without a doubt

@Justy It was totally worth making
I pretty much highlight every comment by you, FB, and D_R XD

3 months ago
Yup, Justy is one of the greats of MecaBricks!!
3 months ago
Truly one of the best Mecabrickers!
3 months ago
*bow bows* Try and figure that out, I can't wrap my head around it.
3 months ago
SHOOOOOT forgot the * *
3 months ago
*Grabs the farmers hoes*
3 months ago
Indeed he did need one
Holy molly WOW did I miss a lot
3 months ago
woopses it appears that I has broken a comment chain, in the rain, which brought great pain to the Dane, who decided to build a lane in the rain.
3 months ago
(regarding my first comment that was concerning the topic of Justy getting a legend fyi
3 months ago
*i have a pet mice* *i ate some fresh rice* *i gotta check the price* *mmm smells so nice*
3 months ago
Is it rice, you can slice?
Or is it dice, that isn't nice?
Or trikes, under bikes?
Or even a yikes, behind all your likes?
3 months ago
Talk about rhyming! Lookin' for this message?
It ain't here, or maybe it is, but you highlited this, don't get me wrong, did you want to see this
specially made message? Did ya? I bet you did, well, don't expect one.
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