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Burton banished: Mini story
Published 4 months ago
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soo if you don't know justy has been banished into the burton-verse and i don't really want to spoil it for you guys so just trust me, it'll all make sense when chapter 3 come out....

Bricks woke up ready to go to work (which is being justy's bodyguard), but justy was nowhere to be found...
he broke in (i mean umm peacefully entered) into justy's house but still nothing.
he looked in the Canadian forests but still nothing.
he even looked in an old vampire castles but STILL nothing.
then he remembered something, Wiz must've done something with him, so he sneakily sneaked into the W.E.I.R.D club but all he found was a spooooooky doooor....
He opened it and all he saw was a dull-colored world inside, he was about to run away until he heard someone approaching, he got so scared he accidentally fell into the door...
never to be seen again

wow stories are fun !
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4 months ago
Ah, a spooky door! That explains everything.
4 months ago
wait no no its like a mysterious way, of course we come back
(please don't abandon me in the burton verse)
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