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Riders of Promise - Part II
Published 4 months ago
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What's the jazz, chaps?
First up, y'all have Greeny to indirectly thank for Part II. You see, I wanted to write Part II, but I did not like having to make models for each chapter. Then Greeny comes out with his brilliant forum idea and it seems like an ideal solution. So now, I too, have a forum for my stories.
Second up, I am going to publish a chapter a week. If I don't, you have permission to spam my PMs with messages until I do. I'm the kinda person who needs motivation.
Fourthly, 200 models! Who knew?
Thirdly, (bother, I forgot what I was about to type . . . oh, there we go.) Since Greeny finished Voidflame I figured we need another story to spruce up Mecaville a tad.
And lastly, regarding the chapter of RoP Part II I posted a while ago, that's still a part of the story, only now it's kind of a prologue.
Here is the link to my forum. Be warned, if you join there is no going back.

200 models
. Hard to believe . . .

For Christ alone!
~Joy. Keep it confidential
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4 months ago
SPAMMING!!!! You mean I can spam your PMs without feeling guilty!?!?!? Wait... that's impossible... I'll still feel guilty even if you give me permission, which you have
... oh well, can't wait!
4 months ago
RoP is back!!! ngl didn't see that coming

yo congrats on 200 models dragon!
4 months ago
CONGRATS ON 200!!!i totally meant to say that late O_O
4 months ago
@Fireblade, Danke!

@Greeny, Yes, spamming! If you don't, I know I'll procrastinate.

@Gman, YES! IT'S HERE!!!!!!!

@Sir Elabor, Hey, bro! Haven't seen you for a while.
It's been coming for a while

@Greeny, Thanks! No, not at all!
4 months ago
I would like to begin reading your stuff (since your bio on here kinda reminds me of myself
), so do I need a recap on anything?
4 months ago
4 months ago
@OverwieghtSpaceExplorer Well... you could find the first chapter of her first ROP story... if you scrolled WAY back in her profile
. I'll give a slight recap of what happened though, and if she want's to explain more in detail she can.

So, this dude named Niger and his buddy Fort rescue this girl from these dudes, but then get chased by these other dudes, and Fort gets captured by the dudes... and then Niger and the girl find out their siblings, and then they go and rescue Fort from the dudes, and then run and hide from the dudes. Or... at least I think that's what happened... *scratches head*
4 months ago
@Greeny, Pretty fair, but Niger and Armica are cousins.
Just so everyone is on the same page
4 months ago
@LeastFitAstronaut, You could go back and read Part I, but it's not necessary. Basically right now the three heroes are on the run and seeking refuge in the Northern Kingdoms.
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