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SnapStudio for President - Keep Mecabricks Great!
Published 1 month ago
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Greetings and salutations my fellow users! Since you guys choose to actually do this Mecabricks president thing, yours truly decided to run!

And now, my speech...

Mecabricks - a place were we LEGO Fans (thanks to unlimited LEGO Bricks) get to express our love for the toy we never grew out of. But then again, LEGO isn’t really a toy. I could get into that, but I will stick to the point. Guess I never really thought I would say this but, if you elect me president, I will stand up for what’s right. No bullying, no profanity, no ugly behavior of any kind. There’s not much of that here anyway, but I thought I’d just clarify that. I would use my "power" wisely, and try to keep Mecabricks as absolutely great as it can be!

I wish everyone the best in this month's election. And a huge shoutout to my buddy BrickBoy for letting me use the Mecabricks Tile Piece Customs! God bless America (and Mecabricks)! smiling face with open mouth

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1 month ago

Thank you!
1 month ago
You have my vote!
4 weeks ago

Thank you, but I think that u have to wait until election week to cast your vote...
4 weeks ago
Wow! For some reason I feel like your title was somehow inspired by the current US president... Anyways, great job!
4 weeks ago
are we being palitical on mecabricks now whats going on
4 weeks ago
@GF24, legit no reason to bring irl politics into this. If there’s something like this you’d like to say in the future, please use the PMs(or DMs idk
3 weeks ago
Dang, this is a thing? Awesome!
3 weeks ago
I vote for you SNAPSTUDIOS
1 week ago
obviously Scrubs can't see every render, that appears to be one that slipped by rather then an exception
7 days ago

Why, did someone post a render here?
6 days ago
Jman: Dude, I really don't want to get in an argument with you. I lose my temper pretty easily, and I'm trying not to. So please understand if I sound mean:

We know. Scrubs has said that renders can stay if they're "Master pieces" (No pun intended). That means that some renders that follow all the "Rules" can get taken down sometimes. Scrubs leaves them up if he likes them. And, no, I believe that Scrubs does see every render (There aren't actually that many!). So, please, when we put renders up, we know they will get taken down, but we want the people we made the renders for to be able to see them, and download them. Okay? (Sorry if that sounded rude. Like I said, I have a short temper.)
6 days ago
Please understand it's a lot of work for Scrubs to remove all these renders when it could easily be compromised by embeding them in the comments
. Not trying to get into an Argument, just making sure you understand
5 days ago
Jman: Look how many renders there are! Are there really that many? I agree, but the problems with that are:

1. You can't always be sure that people will see them, which is the point of a render.

2. You aren't always able to upload it onto Imgur, or whatever site you use.

BTW, I put that render up here for fun. I didn't even make it for this model. So please, no need to argue! I understand, but I have a differing opinion. Thanks!
5 days ago
I should've said "Look how many renders there are each day!"
5 days ago

What did you post?
5 days ago
ZeeSnapper: That render of your sig-fig that I made.
5 days ago
Jman: Thanks, sorry if I sounded mean.
4 days ago

Okay thanks, I have it saved though.


Sorry dude, the deadline ended.

The user "GreenFlame24" got elected, I’ll have to try again in the future!
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