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Ducati Panigale (King of the Road entry)
Published 1 month ago
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1 month ago
Thanks man! Greatly appreciated!
1 month ago
You're welcome!
1 month ago
Looks super sweet! I also just followed you on LEGO ideas.
1 month ago
Ok, thanks, I'll follow you back!
1 month ago
*correction* I'm already following you!
1 month ago
Why is the editor disabled? I wanted to steal this model and use it in my entry.
1 month ago
Well its disabled for that reason! I'll open the editor after the submission phase, if people want to take it apart and look at it!
1 month ago
Nice! I made an entry too! I'm on Lego Ideas also!
1 month ago
Thanks, I'll check them out.
1 month ago
I'm replying here because I'd hate to get in trouble for spam on Ideas.

To contradict you (
) that should still have scratches since it is supposed to be human sized, because the larger something is the more scratches, dirt, and other scuffs and such it will inevitably have.

But hey dude, this is freaking lit XD
1 month ago
Oh yeah, and each little fingerprint and scratch adds up. You should see my dirty bike haha.
1 month ago
Thanks, I'll probably learn it in my summer break, so maybe in the next contest or the contest after that, I'll try and make it way better than before! :b
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