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Mondasian Cyberman / CyberMondan / OG Cyberman
Published 2 months ago
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CyberMondan was the term used by the Cybermen to refer to the Mondasians who did not fully embrace cyber-conversion like the Faction did. As such, they were the earliest form of Cybermen. The Twelfth Doctor recognised them on sight as Mondasian Cybermen. In her CyberHive history ArcHivist Hegelia identified what she termed CyberMondasian as the original Cyber-subspecies.

Somewhat contradicting the above accounts, while the Faction left Mondas for Planet 14, the CyberMondans remained on their homeworld until they returned to Earth. After a failed invasion in 1954, they tried in 1986 to steal Earth's energy before being defeated by the First Doctor because of their susceptibility to radiation. This would later be recorded in the Cyber-race's history computer as their second invasion attempt of Earth.

As opposed to the CyberFaction which fully embraced cyber-conversion before leaving Mondas, the CyberMondasians had undergone a less radical conversion, replacing only essential body parts to prolong their lives. (AUDIO: Origins of the Cybermen, The Early Cybermen) Their Cyber-suits were not entirely metallic, the face and hands being instead covered in a sort of hardened medical gauze.

As observed by ArcHivist Hegelia, the CyberMondasians had faces swathed in "plastic flesh", the humanoid skull beneath still clearly discernible. A cap of skull bone was removed and replaced by a metal cover, presumably to render the brain more accessible for adjustment to remove "certain weaknesses", becoming an entirely logical organ scoured of all emotion. Flesh flaps of humanoid ears had given way to thick side handle antennae, tubes extending from the oral cavities on each side of the Cyber-head to meet above at a device for gathering life-sustaining energy beamed from Mondas; the support system of their exoskeleton, a series of connected metal rings, became inactive without Mondasian energy, rendering the organic remains within helpless. A third tube fed directly from the lamp-like device above the head to the back of the brain, keeping it plentifully supplied with energy that it was essential to it as oxygen to a human brain. The chest unit, bulkier than those of the CyberFaction, was a respiratory aid which potentially also functioned as a kidney dialyser and artificial heart and lungs. Unlike the CyberFaction, the chest unit was larger, cuboid and constructed not of plasticised, silvery alloy but of some transparent material that reveals flashing lights within to each side of the central vented area, below which was a solitary control knob. Beneath hung a detachable dish-shaped Cyber-weapon, "clumsily bulky" in comparison with the Cyber-weapons of the early CyberFaction. Curiously, they appeared to retain organic hands, appearing externally human in every detail.

Using a voice mechanism for speech, early Mondasian Cybermen had a quavering voice which put inflected syllables in a seemingly random, sing-song modulation. In contrast to the monotonous electronic voice of early CyberFaction, Hegelia noted it as an expression more akin to speech which emanated from human thought processes, though it was undoubtedly produced artifically.

On the Mondasian colony ship at least, the jug-handles-like device fitting over the skull served as these Cybermen's emotional inhibitor; while it did not lessen the pain felt by the Cybermen ever after their conversion, it "did stop [them] caring about it".

The CyberMondans' eyes were ruby crystals and they were capable of hypnotism.

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Season 4
The Tenth Planet
Series 10
World Enough and Time / The Doctor Falls

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More Info Here: https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/CyberMondan
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