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Pirate Competition [AmyOak]
Published 1 year ago
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1 year ago
I dont think its a masterpiece, I have better builds than this but thank you
1 year ago
You’re honestly making me a little jealous with how many good creations you spit out!

Stop it, @Amy!
1 year ago
I guess I’ll just have to live with the envy...
1 year ago
no need to do that, I'm 18 and I've been 3D modelling for years so I've got a lot of experience and frankly that's all it takes, experience. the more you practice the better youll get
1 year ago
True! All of the hobbies I liked needed practice, and up until 2020 I was only collecting and building sets—I’ve only been making my own models, (let alone 3D ones), for a year at this point!
1 year ago
I actually NEVER knew their was an adult that wasn't an admin here on MB
1 year ago
Surely I cant be the only adult here other than admins
1 year ago
this is not fair
wait it goes past 16x16
can we get this disqualified so its fair for us?
1 year ago
I assumed the rule was that all the connections had to be within the border so I thought this counted since the parts over the border aren't connected outside of the border but I don't know if I'm disqualified then so be its up to L_E_G_O to decide
1 year ago
AmyOak - Ranom personal question: What did it feel like going from 17 to 18?
Do you feel different as an adult than you felt the year before?
I’m just curious to see hear what your transition into adulthood was like...
1 year ago
To be honest ive not really thought about it because my 16th birthday was far more important to me because in the UK that is the age I was able to legally change my name (long story)
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