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* Adventurers Needed *
Published 2 years ago
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* Adventurers needed for a new project *

So far, I have posted nearly only Star Wars related things, but I’m also a big fan of fantasy and I would like to start a story in this kind of environment. Ideally with new ideas, meaning not only elves, orcs and old sorcerers, but I’m really just starting, and I will need time to create something consistent…

Anyway, I would like to ask for your support!
Who wants to create a Minifig and to be in the story???

If you are interested, feel free to propose whatever you want. In the example here, I have created a rather classic human warrior, a very pale woman who may have hidden powers, and a big purple guy with four arms and a magic staff. I’m not yet sure if they will be my main characters or not, it was just what came out of my mind in the first place.
So, one again, feel free!

Background information that would be useful : name / “job” / place of origin (a few words about the kingdom or city from where he/she is from) / anything special (motivation to find someone missing, secret power that will be revealed during the story, etc…).

Heroes will sometimes be together, sometimes split, maybe change side? who knows…
I would like that, at the end of each chapter, the heroes can decide what they do next and then I work on the following chapter considering your decision…
Your ideas to create your character would help me a lot to elaborate on the few ideas that I have, and make something interesting out of this project.

For now, if you can just comment that you are interested, it would be great, then take your time to design your hero!

Thanks !!!
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2 years ago
I'm interested! I'll design my hero as soon as I can;)
2 years ago
This is a cool idea! I'll definitely join when I have the chance.
2 years ago
I'll definitely make one! I'm also a admirer of fantasy
2 years ago
Here's mine X)
2 years ago
Fabulous idea! Unfortunately, as recent things have gone, I can't do it right now. Maybe next week, just PM me
2 years ago
It might take a bit because I have school, I have a story of my own to write/prepare, and I have to make one for epiclegoman
2 years ago
Hold on, i will get one dun...
2 years ago
Hello guys!
I just wanted to tell you that I will NOT let you down on this project. I will do it for sure, but I need a bit more time. So if someone else want to join, it's still time

What I know:
- It will be a stand-alone story, not a long story on several chapters. I started to imagine many things, but it was becoming very complex, too complex.
- The story will certainly take place in a big medieval city, and I would like to re-use this setting for a second story if the first one in appreciated. Other stories will allow to discover new parts of the city.
- I already have a good idea of what I want to create and I think that the result will be quite original

What I still have to figure out:
- the story

I will keep you posted !
2 years ago
Damn, i'm sorry, i forgot cause i was doing so many figs... I will get mine on Tuesday! I am currantly away so...
2 years ago
Well, important decision: I will make it before Christmas!!!
No more procrastination

So, if you want to join, you have until Dec'15...
2 years ago
Can I still try?
2 years ago
@Blue_Brickster23: yes sure, I will try to include you as soon as possible, so you have a bit of time to make up your character
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