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The Warden
Published 2 years ago
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A New Mob For The Caves & Cliffs Update In The New Dark Deep caves!!
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2 years ago
@1ObSiDiAnFuRy Thanks The Original Plan Was To Use The 93094 Lipstick Element!!
1 year ago
the micro-scale looks great! You do have a floating 2x2 tile next to the diamond ore.
1 year ago
@clif Err... OH LOOK OVER THERE WHAT IS THAT (He says changes the topic)
11 months ago
i have part one of the update sadly i cant see the warden till mabey december
11 months ago
Yeah, me to

But the axolotls and goats are still awesome!!
11 months ago
I disagree, this update was subpar. 1; generating Deepslate variants of Emerald, Coal, and Copper when it makes sense to do so is a good feature and makes these blocks as rare as the nether star, and shouldn't be removed. 2; Goats are the main focus of the trailer for the update yet do LITERALLY NOTHING, they are just fun to watch and something to add to the list of 'petting zoo' mobs. 3; Glow Squid was the dumbest addition possible, the Iceologer would have made a billion times more sense since mountains are being updated and the Moobloom is also more unique and fun. 4; Crafting Cut Copper was made into a hassle after snapshot... I think it was five? Now it takes 9 copper to get a block of cut copper which used to cost 4 ingots. This is by far the dumbest change mid-snapshot rollout. 5; I would have preferred they postpone 1.17 and just add a surprise feature and save everything for one update.

Judge me how you will, these are my thoughts. Sorry for the block of text!
11 months ago
and the warden will make the caves very scary
11 months ago
The warden has not been made available at all yet, it was postponed. And the Warden's loot will be very good, and the new Sculk sensors will make a trip to the Deep Dark well worth it.
11 months ago
I think all the new features are very good, but the items which I am the most sad about not getting onto update part 1 are, candles and bundles

I think candles will ad a lot of depth to builds
And bundies are what I will use instead of Shulker boxes!!
(I have nether been to the End, so I have nether got a Shulker box!!)

But I am loving Deepslate!! So good
11 months ago
Candles ARE in 1.17 (Caves and Cliffs pt.1)
They aren't in bedrock edition until 1.17.1 though.
11 months ago
Arggggggggg, Dam-Nab-It!!

Ah, Oh well, at lest I don't have to wait in till caves & Cliffs Update part 2!!
6 months ago
I have a better one
3 months ago
we will have to wait tell june for this pretty boy.
3 months ago
Although, Java has testing for the deep dark...

...and the The Warden!!
3 months ago
dang java gets all the good stuff >-< bedrock only has frogs tadpoles and some skulk stuff but no warden :'(
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