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Mr. Sebachie.... I have some news
Published 2 weeks ago
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INTRO: So I wanted to add to the Negaachie story Sebachie and Justy were doing. I wanted to do this in a way that could build up to other stories in the future. Basically making an MCU for MECABRICKS. Obviously there would be no movies. (That would be cool.) In this Universe, let’s say that instead of a website, MECABRICKS is a really big, top secret organization of the most powerful master builders. (Almost like the Avengers, but way bigger.) Their job is to protect the universe. Because this is the beginning of the BIG story, the team is not yet formed.

Now onto the story: After Negachie’s return, Sebachies workshop was destroyed and an army of robot began to cause terror across the word, particulary in the US. Worriz, BB and Crazy Cashew are taken captive. Justy hardly escapes and sends Kirbster Wrinkles(Kirb) to rescue Sebachie as he prepares an army.

Enter Sebachie’s workshop which is on fire.
Sebachie: Huh? What happe- AHH!! WHY IS MY WORKSHOP ON FIRE!!!
All my work, my plans, are gone. (He pauses to think) I KNOW! IT WAS THAT RETCHED CLONE OF MINE! THAT DARN FAKER!

Kirb: (Enters the room) Mr. Sebachie… I have some news for you. We’re at war.

Sebachie: What war?

Kirb: The one against Negachie, we can’t win without your help. Justy sent me. I’ll explain more on the way back. Get in the car.

The camera pans as both enter a Ferrari F8 Tributo that is parked near the rubble. Kirb in the driver's seat and Sebachie in the passenger's seat. Just as the lease something quite odd happens far off screen to the left, and a man watches as they pull out.
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2 weeks ago
This is legit awesome! I was thinking of making an entry similar to this. Thank you, partner!
2 weeks ago
And please, call me Seb...
1 week ago
Can I be included?
To add on to that emoji, it is been hot and humid today!
Mainly been cloudy today but still humid!
1 week ago
@FireyRobin, Abso-tootin'-lutely! If you wanna make yourself a mech or a bot army, go right ahead.
1 week ago
Ummm. . . I have already done that.

The model was more done for fun, there is a whole war model though with them x 21. But I gave you this one since it is easier to work with.
1 week ago
Yeah I'm sure we can find a way to integrate those mechs into the story somehow.
1 week ago
Please save Sebachie for go out a other !!!
7 days ago
Am I BB?
7 days ago
Oh, sorry, I meant Brinks N Bones, You can still be in the story tho. Just gotta find a way to introduce you. Maybe Fiery can when he makes part 6.
7 days ago
I’m making part 5.
7 days ago
Erm... I'm already on that...
7 days ago
Oh, but I just posted it.
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