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Southern Pacific GS-4 4-8-4 Northern #4449
Published 3 months ago
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Southern Pacific 4449 is the only surviving example of Southern Pacific Railroad's (SP) GS-4 class of steam locomotives. The GS-4 is a streamlined 4-8-4 (Northern) type steam locomotive. GS stands for "Golden State", a nickname for California (where the locomotive was operated in regular service), or "General Service." The locomotive was built by Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio, for SP in May 1941; it received the red-and-orange "Daylight" paint scheme for the passenger trains of the same name which it hauled for most of its service career. No. 4449 was retired from revenue service in 1957 and put into storage. In 1958 it was donated, by the railroad, to the City of Portland who then put it on static display in Oaks Park, where it remained until 1974. It was restored to operation for use in the second American Freedom Train, which toured the 48 contiguous United States for the American Bicentennial celebrations. Since then, 4449 has been operated in excursion service throughout the continental US; its operations are currently based at the Brooklyn roundhouse in Portland, where it is maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers called Friends of SP 4449. In 1983, a poll of Trains magazine readers chose the 4449 as the most popular locomotive in the nation.

SP 4449 is one of the most iconic steam locomotive in the United States, and one of my top personal favorites. For some years I’ve been wanting to construct a proper Daylight, but never got the chance to. But then, my problem was solved thanks to a good friend of mine, Henry Mack. On November 12th of 2020, he released his recently completed digital instructions for his 9 wide 4449. After receiving them, I began work. First the tender, then I completed the locomotive earlier this year. Some elements are not supposed to be the way they are, such as the large gears and the glitched lift arms. In physical bricks, they will be XXL drivers and custom side rods and valve gear from Trained Bricks. She is a beauty. Fitted with 8 XXL drivers, 2 PF train motors as tender trucks, fully functioning Walschaerts valve gear using side and valve rods from Trained Bricks, this 9 stud wide beauty is magnificent. To see more images, including WIP images, visit Henry Mack on Flickr. I (technically) own nothing, except the auxiliary tender. I modified the tender model, but credit for everything else goes to Henry Mack. Big notice: do NOT ask for the instructions! They will eventually be released for sale on Henry’s website Mackbricks, but for now once an instruction set is completed, I am given a copy, provided I do no distribute the instruction pdf with any other builder.
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3 months ago
are you gonna use bbb wheels?
3 months ago
Looks great! I saw that he submitted this moc into the Brick Train Awards
3 months ago
On second thought, I saw a similar moc submitted in the Brick Train Awards, sorry
3 months ago
These are the reason I keep up the new amazing models. And railfan1234? I would, but I don’t have the cash to build this physically. But Henry has recently finished it. Follow him on Flickr for updates
3 months ago
well if you get the money (i hope you do) use shapeways boxpox wheels because they look better and more 'realistic' to the real 4449
3 months ago
and for the medium sized just use bbb lol
1 month ago
I was like yo, you built the head wheels with gears? That's awesome!
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