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Published 4 years ago
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"A small junkyard full of treasure on a mostly abandoned mining planet, get yourself a modified Laser canon, you won't regret it !"

That a small scene I did to test an awesome little software, I found a few days ago.
It's MILSGEN, a Lego Landscape generator : http://www.legoism.info/2013/12/milsgen.html
It's really good when pair with something like World Machine.
Really useful to quickly build a base for your Moc. Give it a try !
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4 years ago
Wow! I have been looking for a landscape generator! thanks! (and amazing render!)
4 years ago
Thanks !
The software is a little basic and doesn't do slope pieces but for a quick terrain that you can edit after it's pretty great.

You'll have to play a lot with the values to find what you're looking for but that still way less time than doing it all by hand.
4 years ago
Awesome creation! I've been look for something like Milsgen. Do you know if anybody else uses this? I would be curious to see some other work and such from it.
4 years ago
Unfortunately, I didn't do that much research on it. I just learn how to use it and the value that works for me.

It's pretty cool, to achieve cool result you will absolutely need to edit it by hand for the large feature (cliff or big rock) and you need to use a pretty good heightmap (something from a terrain generator, you don't need a great resolution, 1 pixel = 1 stud)

The software comes from with a test heightmap to test what will work for you. Give it a try, it's a bit hard to use but the result are here.
3 years ago
it looks awesome it reminds me of the nima outpost on jakku
3 years ago
i might add my own stuff like more droids and a lightsaber in a chest
3 years ago
looks like dengar quit his bounty hunting and became a junk dealer i could add my own custom mini fig and more junk
3 weeks ago
are there any other LEGO map generators for Blender yall know of? (tho I think @Citrine is making one)
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