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Burnt Santa
Published 1 month ago
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Ok, I know this is poor writing... but I was rushed

I walked down the line of barricades and snow forts, receiving salutes, along with the respected title of “General Greenflame”. It was like a dream, and I loved it.

“General, sir.” Redflame said with a nod of his head.

“What is it?”

“Well, I’m afraid I must report some bad news.”

“Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“Well,” he looked down and kicked a lonely snowball. “Sir we have a breach.”

“A breach! How? We haven’t even started the fight yet.”

“I know, and it’s, well. Sir we have a rogue.”

“A rogue!” I looked to my left, and then to my right. In the distance I suddenly saw it. According to our setup plan there should be tall snow walls arrayed in green flags, but no, there was nothing. Lax, he’d left us.


Justy was as happy as a, well, snow peacock. He’d always wanted to be a leader, and now he was. This was so easy. He wanted that roll, and he’d gotten it. Of course, if his team had known that he’d taken the thing for himself, they would have abandoned him. So this being said, he kept quiet.

“You sneak,” a sharp voice whispered from behind.

“What?” He turned to see ColeTheBomb standing, his arms crossed.

“That’s right, you sneak.”

“And again I shall ask, ‘what’?”

“I don’t think there is any explanation why that cinnamon roll is gone. You were the last person in the kitchen you know.”

“Me and my ice giant, he was with me.”

“Yeah, whatever. The point is we promised to settle this via a snow ball fight, and you’ve cheated!”

“Everyone promised, but my giant.”

“So I’m assuming he ate it?” Cole was being sarcastic now.

“I never finished. Everyone promised but my giant, and myself.”

“Um—” he was cut off.

“Y’all were so clever to promise and then run off. Nobody noticed that I kept my mouth shut. Yes, I ate it. Every last crumb.”

“Well, I hope you find comfort when I alert the rest of your team that they won’t be getting a share in their desired pastry.” He turned to leave, not stopping to take note of whatever it was Justy had said. Then, unexpectedly, a giant cold hand clinched him, throwing him over the barricade and into the snow. He laid there for a few moments, unsure as to what to do. Greenflame had ordered that any approaching Red team members be shot on sight if they approached before the call to war sounded, but now he was kicked out. They wouldn’t understand. He sighed, and then looked up. In the distance, like a beacon of like, a blue flag was flying in the wind. He stood up and pulled his collar around his all but frozen neck. He hadn’t heard anything about a blue team, but perhaps they would be more friendly.


“General Greenflame, sir.” Cakery called from my left.

“What is it?”

“We have half an hour left and still are in need of more firepower.”

I sighed, like usual, and then spoke.

“Does your aircraft not have enough?”

“No sir, I’m afraid it doesn’t.”

“Well,” I looked across the field at the apposing forts while stroking my hair. This wasn’t going to be easy.


I turned to see Operator011 running towards me, a smile evident even beneath his mask.

“What is is Commander?” I asked hopefully.

“Sir, LW has finished inventing the vacuum technology needed for your Enemy Fre Re-Launchers.

“Yes!” I yelled so enthusiastically that O011’s visor fell off. Or at least it did in my mind. “Can he install it before the battle starts?”

“No, but if you can give him fifteen minutes of cover he’ll be able to get it done.”

I relaxed, it was only fifteen minutes. We could do it.

“Tell him to start work immediately.”

“Aye sir,” he said with a salute. Things were looking hopeful.

Very soon, everyone was at their posts, all watching their watches. Four seconds, three seconds, two seconds, I took a breath, and then it hit me. Literally, it hit me. I fell from my post and hit the snowy earth beneath me. Actually, I hit solid ground. All the snow around the edges of the barricade had been scraped clean. I groaned, and then was helped up my j2fam.

“You alright general?” He asked, while ducking to let an almost large snow ball pass over his head.

“Yeah, yeah I’me fine. Somebody has good aim.”

“It’s Lax sir, he’s been watching you for the past twenty-five minutes.”

“What? Why’d he leave anyways? Have we figured it out yet?”

“No but—” I cut him off.

“Wait half a second! You’re supposed to be at your post. What are you doing over here?”

“Oh yeah, I have a pretty unique system—” Thud! He fell to the ground as an impressively large clump of snow struck his shoulder. Suddenly there was a cry.

“A breach! We have a breach!”

“What,” I shouted while looking to my left. Snap was running towards me with horror written across his face.

“Sir, Justy has countless snowmen all marching towards us. With everyone we knock down they are only replaced.”

I sighed, and then climbed up the wall to view things for myself. It was true, a massive army had already reached the wall, and was slowly making progress in entering our territory. Picking up a nearby radio I dialed the C station.

“Cakery are you there?”

“Roger that, just a moment.” Half a minute passed, and then my radio came to life again. “I’m here sir, what’s your need?”

“We have a problem with all the snowmen, you know what I’m talking about?”

“Yes, I’ve bombed them several times, but they keep coming back.”

“Right, that’s why I need one of your spare men to do me a massive favor.”

“And what would that be?”

“Destroy the station. If they can’t replenish their army, they will be weakened significantly.”

The air was quiet for a moment. Well, quiet except of the whistles, screams, and explosions that took place. Finally Cakery’s voice returned.

“Ok sir, I have an astronaut who thinks it is possible. We are going to drop him off via air jump. We will disguise the mission as just another bomb dropping session. Will that work?”

“Go for it,” I said. This was the only way, possibly.


Lax kept firing his gun, this was fun. People both red and green fell like bowling pens. Womp. He looked up to see three massive snowballs fly through the air, and then strike the side of his fort.

“What!” He shouted in anger as one wall collapsed, sending such a massive vibration that he fell from his stance and into the courtyard below. Poof! A snowball hit the ground beside him, and then a massive array of snowmen began to swarm in through the breach.

“Argh! You powder puff pons, take this!” He screamed while pulling out his gatling gun, watching his foes fall with every blast. He would be known as a man who, well um, who died with his, with his hair brushed. Yes, he would be known as a man who died with his hair brushed. Pofp! Something nailed him right in the forehead, undoing his hair.


“Ha! Did you see that,” KoE shouted triumphantly. “I promptly nailed Lax’s wall like it was nothing”. He looked over at slimbrick, who was firing snow arrows faster than lightning. They had started a competition, and he was determined to win. Puff! A blast of snow suddenly exploded in front of them both, covering their faces with the powdery white frozen water.

“What was that from,” KoE questioned in an almost annoyed tone.

“Look there!” slim was pointing towards a jet for the green team. Bombs fell from it like rain, and that, to them, was troubling. “I can get this KoE, hold your fire.”

“Hey are you—” he stopped and looked at slimbrick, who had just tied a rope to one of his arrows. “Your not going to board that are you?”

slimbrick smiled, winked, and then fired. The arrow flew through the air at a rapid pace, and then struck the jets wing. In less than five minutes slim was up, and had damaged one of the things engines. It began to glide through the air at a speedily, and seemed to be headed straight for KoE’s catapult.

“Hey! Hey, change that things direction,” he began to shout, but it only grew closer. Finally, he closed his eyes and expected the worst. Poof! He slowly opened one eye, only to see slim slide down the jets smooth cockpit, which was sticking out of the snow directly in front of his precious weapon of mass instruction. “Um well,” he began to murmur, unsure as what to say next. Finally, it hit him. “That still only counts as one.” slim rolled his eyes.

They both soon regained the normal position, sending countless snowballs into the air with much enthusiasm. However, none noticed the single astronaut who had managed to slip away from the snow-covered wreckage. He crept along the uneven snow, ducking every few seconds to let a snowball pass, and looking around nervously for any wondering snowmen. You never could be certain with those creatures. Eventually, he reached the barricade, and hopped through a small hole no bigger than a motorcycle. Pinning himself against the wall he let a blond haired girl pass. Moonlight. She had left her post, and was saying something to TheZillaKillaGorilla about needing to borrow some ammunition. Now was his chance. Darting passed them in an almost stealthy manner, he rolled along the ground, climbed a nearby latter, knocked an unsuspecting iceman off the wall, and then peered down that the station below. Thousands of snowmen were marching to others, who would then arm them and send them on their way. Justy, who was standing upon the broad shoulder of his ice giant, was supervising.

“Thats right,” he called out to some other worker. “In fifteen minutes I’m leading the charge. You will have to supervise.”

The astronaut let out a slow, visible breath, and then leapt behind the giant with a snow bomb in his hand. Looking up, he suddenly realized that both Justy and his giant were gone.

“Hello there,” a voice called from behind. Turning around he spotted them, a massive snowball in the hand of the giant.

“General Kenobi,” he said with a smirk, trying to sound cool.

Whomp! He was buried in snow.

“That was rather easy,” Justy stated just before a massive explosion of snow sent everyone within one hundred feet flying onto their backs. Despite being slightly muffled by miniature avalanche, the bomb had ignited and had still done significant damage. He rose to his feet, sputtering and spiting; snow was in his mouth. Looking up, with a cross look shadowing his face, he gazed upon the destruction of his station. “Charge!” He screamed while once more climbing onto his giant, who was now wielding a massive club. The many snowmen who remained, those who had not currently been within the one hundred foot range, rallied themselves along with the rest of Red team. The charge was on.


I stormed down to the vacuum machine, puffing from exhaustion.

“LW”, I called in desperation while looking around frantically.

“One more bolt, just one!” I heard him cry from somewhere, along with the squeak of metal. “Finished! Pull the lever.”

I ran over to the controls, and pulled one of two levers. Instantly the white hoses began to move around like mechanical snakes, their massive nozzles sucking in any snow that came within fifty feet. LW soon appeared beside me, a smile smeared across his face, along with smudges of black oil.

“When the tank gets half full, pull the other lever. That will start the ion cannons, or, it should.” He looked hopeful.

“Thanks for your service, you may go shoot you precious gun now,” I said with a wink. LW’s smile widened, and we was soon off after giving his thanks.

Boom! Something from my left exploded. I turned, and then saw what looked much like victory. A massive breach had been formed in Red team’s barricade.

“He did it!” I shouted while leaping into the air. When I looked back however, my joy faded. An angry army was charging towards me. Red, in its entirety, was advancing. “Stations! Stations everybody,” I called into my radio. Things were about to get ugly.

Beep! Looking up I noticed that the tank was over half full. “Here we go,” I whispered before pulling the lever. Womp, womp, phew! The large cannons behind me suddenly erupted, sending a shower of balls into the air. “Take some snow you hoards of, um, frozen H2O!”

“Sir,” I jumped and turned to see Operator standing beside me.

“What is it commander?”

“Well, I would make some sarcastic comment about how pathetic what you just said was, but more importantly I have some sorta good news.”

“Spit it out, I’m listening.”

Op looked at me with distastes written across his face, but soon shook it off and continued.

“Red team has successfully taken over Lax’s fort, Lax himself, along with D_R and InnerBrick, are in Cole’s tower.”

“Not sure what to think about that,” I said while scratching my head.

“Argh!” We both looked up to see the first of Justy’s snowmen get sucked inside my vacuum, only to be spat out again in ball like form.

“Looked at that!” I laughed. Snowmen were getting pulled off their feet like if gravity had no effect on them.

“It’s all good and free until that ice giant comes over and smashes your beautiful machine,” Op said seriously.

I looked, and he was right. The giant, though fighting his way through a massive array of fired snow, was advancing.

“What do you suggest commander,” I asked hoping that he had more to say.

“Find ColeTheBomb, he knows something we don’t.”

“What! Who is supposed to do that?”


“Why me? I’m the general.”

“Because, you’re the most influential character at the moment.”

I sighed, something in me was saying that Op was right. I had to go, make a suicide run or something.

“Cakery and I already talked it over, the transport is ready.”

“What? You’ve already planned this?”

“Yup. Blueflame will take you over there, unless you are knocked out of the sky before you reach the destination. You will have to jump down into the tower.”

“What if Cole shoots me as I’m falling!”

“Tough luck, now get out of here. You have a roll to save.”

I gulped, gave a salute, and then ran towards Cakery’s section. Once in the small transport, I closed my eyes and took everything in. This was crazy.

“We are lifting!” Blueflame called cheerily.

“Tell me when we’re falling.”

“Oh, we won’t fall— argh! Helicopters!”

My eyes widened, and my feet swiftly carried me into the cockpit. Before us were two threatening looking aircraft, bombing snowballs like, well, snow.

“Does this thing have guns?” I screamed, causing Blueflame to wince.

“Um yeah, but I forgot to load em. We’ll just have to doge them. Sound good?”

I walked back and covered my forehead, things were falling apart. Suddenly, the floor beneath me lurched, and I knew we were literally falling apart.

“Goodbye world!” BF called while completely letting go of the controls and covering his face.

“Goodbye goodbye, whatever!” I whimpered while pounding the walls and pulling my mask over my eyes. We kept falling, I was sure that we would hit the ground soon, but we only kept falling. Eventually, I got so used to the feeling that it seemed to me that I was standing on solid ground. Also, my back was getting really hot.

“Hello there,” someone said from behind me.

Pulling my mask off, I turned around and then fell backwards as the sun shown in my eyes. A dark silhouette stood before me. I stood up, and looked around. I was in a, well, desert?

“I said hello, so it would only be polite if you would greet me as well.”

I looked up at the stranger, who had now stepped out of the sun. He was tall, and covered in a robe. A thick red beard fell across his chest.

“Um hi,” I said cautiously. “My name is—”

Poof! I hit the snow with a soft thud. Standing up, I sputtered, and then looked around.

“That was weird,” I said before screaming and covering my face from the cold water which was being poured onto my back. “Who, what, argh!” I looked up to suddenly see Dragon_Rider06 aiming a water gun at me.

“Who are you to trespass upon team Blue’s property?”She said firmly.

I Looked around, and then realized I was on Coles tower, my mission was sorta accomplished.

“I said who are you to trespass?”

“Oh um, I’ve come to make a peace alliance.”

“Nope!” She replied promptly before showering me with more sprays of cold water. I batted back with my arms, but it was useless, I was going to get pneumonia and die.

“Hold your fire!” Another female voice cut in, and the spraying stopped.

“Why, and who gave you the right to tell me what to do? You are only my clone.”

Clone, I looked up and behold, there were two D_Rs!

“What have a second. D_R, you have a clone?”

“Yeah, It’s an invention of Cole’s.”

“Can I speak with him?”

“Nope, I haven’t finished killing you yet.”

“Yes he can,” Lax’s voice cut in. “But only in prison.”

“What!” I screamed and tied to protest, but soon found myself behind bars. Moments later, Cole walked in.

“You don’t know how it feels being on this side of the bars,” I said in a guilty tone.

“I know Greeny,” Cole responded quietly. “But you just have to learn from your mistakes and move one. This will be over one day, and you can put it behind you.”

“No, no I won’t. Not after what I’ve done, not after all that. My life is ruined.”

“Greeny, it’s not. You may have to start over, but—”

“Wait, what did I do again?” I interrupted.

Cole looked at me blankly, and then shrugged.

“Ida know.”

“Hmm, oh well. I needed to talk to you.”

“Yeah, that’s what they said.”

“Cole, Op said you know something. I took it as something that might help us win this war.”

“Yeah, but if it’s going to help you win, then why should I share it?”

“We could team up. You don’t believe your small tower stands a chance against—”

“Hi guys,” J2 said casually.

“J2! How’d you get here.”

“Just did, not much to it. Justy already smashed your thing, but to no avail. It exploded and basically buried him in snow. His Ice giant got mad, and is now killing everyone. So much for a fun Christmas.”

I stared in disbelief, and if it weren’t fore J2’s casual attitude I would have got nuts.

“So, what do you suggest we do bud?” Cole asked in amusement. Why he was amused I have no Idea.

“Uh, I don’t know. It’s not like we have another giant that will fight him for us.”

Cole smiled.


That evening we all sat by the fireplace, exchanging gifts. Cole had cloned the Ice giant with his cloning gun, and both giants fought to the death. As it also turned out, Justy hadn’t eaten the roll in the first place, only hidden it in the oven. However, D_R had forgotten to turn the oven off that morning, and there isn’t much more explaining to do. So I guess you could say things wen’t sorta well, except for the fact that D_R’s clone insisted on receiving all the gifts that were for ‘her’.

“What do I do!” D_R had exclaimed! She eventually got so frustrated that she pulled out her lightsaber in a threatening manner. Her clone, being a clone of course, decided it was time to practice Order 66. However, with only one unarmed clone to fight, the real D_R soon dispatched her enemy and we were all at peace again.


Late that night, Forge walked through the wreckage.

“Man,” he said to himself. “Why were we able to afford such advanced technology, but still only got each other cheap presents?” He looked down at his own gift, a red mug that had the word ‘Forge’ printed on its front. A gift from InnerBrick.

“It’s a very useful item,” IB had said.

“Um, thx.” Forge had replied, but to be honest was disappointed. IB seemed to get him the same object every single year, just in different colors.

“What are you doing out in the cold?”

Forge jumped to see IB behind him.

“Did you follow me bro?”

“Why yes, now what are you doing?”

“Oh um,” he looked around, and then had an idea. Scooping up a small load of snow with the mug, he hurled it in IB’s direction. It nailed IB right in the nose, who in reply looked exasperated.

“Why Forge!” He cried before retrieving his trusty snow blaster from the rubble and aiming it at his enemy.

“Hey!” Trainking called from their left. “I thought the fight was over?”

“Um, well—”

“Merry Christmas!” Chuck suddenly screamed as he ran outside with an object nobody could describe. The fight was on, again, and it was everyman for himself.

The End!

Merry Christmas!
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1 month ago
Great story! One flaw. When it says "you precious gun now", shouldn't it be your, not you?
1 month ago
Also, I thought Team Blue were gonners until you fell
1 month ago
You as in Greenie, not slimbrick.
1 month ago
and I like how my character is just like the real Legolas with the contest and boarding the craft
1 month ago
There's no apparent winner.
1 month ago
oh okay. great story! poor writing MY Foot that is great writing!
1 month ago
Yes, I must have made a flaw (I know I did). Op will have plenty of lunch. And yeah, there really isn't any apparent winner... sorta... I mean, thins just kinda got out of control... which would probably happen in real life... but who knows
1 month ago
Also, you got the part about my hair right
1 month ago
Awesome story, but what happened to me?
1 month ago
How could you say that, I'm so horrified! just kidding!
1 month ago
nothing happened to me I am flawless!
1 month ago
Hey greenie, can we have a PM?
1 month ago
I love knocking people down like bowling pins
1 month ago
I took down an airplane and almost crashed it into KoEs catapult, that was fun
1 month ago
@Blueflame... you crashed... and went to the after life... just kidding
. I think we both crashed and ended up in snow... or something... I don't know
Your fine tho, and yes, we can PM
1 month ago
HA yea that pretty much me sarcastic I do like to smile creepily and wait wait wait I made a cloning gun??????????????? ps love the way your portrayed me
1 month ago
Glad I portrayed you right
It's hard to write with like 600 characters
1 month ago
also to whoever I was supposed to give a gift to... I hope you enjoyed your bag of rocks
1 month ago
I'm sorry I blew all my money on a tread transport vehicle and really I just don't care
1 month ago
I got a bag of rocks, was that from YOU!!!!!

1 month ago
slimbrick, that's not something to kid about.
1 month ago
Wow, great chapter! And uh, I heard that some people.....DIED!!
1 month ago
The only person who we actually know died was D_R's clone... so I think it is fairly safe to say that J2 might have almost been exaggerating

Anyways, thanks for the complements! I'm going to be gone (probably) for the rest of the day, so Merry Christmas!
1 month ago
Great story! One thing, though: I’m InterBrick, not InnerBrick. It doesn’t really matter though! I would definitely give the same gift each year.
P.S. I'm guessing I could've won, because as you might recall, I had an ice soldier station, and if the vaccum sucked them up, it would probably get stuck in it's gears and break down the machine. AWESOME conclusion!
4 weeks ago
K, this was. . . intense
I loved the ending BTW!

4 weeks ago
Hey @GreenFlame, when are you going to host another contest/challenge?
4 weeks ago
*holds my head while spinning in circles and screaming*


I have soooooo much to catch up on. Sorry people if I miss a message or something
. Anyways,

I don't really know when I'm making another contest... we will see... and thanks for the compliments people... sorry for the errors... and happy new year! Ok, that's in the future... but still...

4 weeks ago
First off, I'm an inventor? Oh wait, I am. But I'm a cool inventor? Even better.

"That only counts as one!" I knew it

"Her clone, being a clone of course, decided it was time to practice Order 66."

Wow, wonderful job! The ending was quite nice, and you gave the characters great personalities!
4 weeks ago
@LW Thanks, I knew you'ed like the second season of Mando better than the third season of Little House on the Prairie!
4 weeks ago
Nice work, man that was looooong!
4 weeks ago
We fought well, and if it wasn’t for my hilariously OP fort and casual attitude , Gf24 would’ve “gone nuts”. Good show everyone!
4 weeks ago
Also I put Parson Brown in the freezer for making a mess of the mistletoe.
4 weeks ago
He'll say are you married we'll say no man
4 weeks ago
but you can do the job when you're in town
4 weeks ago
Later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire.
4 weeks ago
now I have that song stuck in my head
4 weeks ago
Let's stop doing this on here. We're blowing up everyone's notifications.
4 weeks ago
That was chaotic. xD

That's exactly something I would do, starting a fight to the death snowball war over a cinnamon roll. xD
*epilogue poem*
the second snowbal fight was based on fun! not a robot was to be seen, a snowman or a gun.
as time passed the snow became unusable and crusty, then Snap cried "oh dear, wheres justy!?"
then all of a sudden things became a riot, followed by an awful, eerie quiet.
and then the most horrible sight came, there was a participant, covered with flame
the innocent users body fell lower, and lower, because of justy's deadly flamethrower
"why are you doing this!?" I wailed,
"because I could not eat the cinnabon, I failed!"
then behind him, was a horrible sight, the largest ice giant ever, ready to fight.
justy's maniacal laugh was so unearthly, so vile, that it spread through the war zone, for miles and miles.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" bellowed justy, cackling still, "I will make sure that I get my fill!"

2 weeks ago
I don’t understand the title and model though . . .
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