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Faydwell castle
Published 4 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
[Disclaimer] This build is not finished, I was planning to finish it before making it public but I've gotten very busy lately and I don't think I have the time anymore to finish it

Fay is a word used to describe magical based creatures such as Faeries or Fawns. Faydwell castle is built upon a hotspot of magical energy and as such it is important to keep the castle safe from the pollution of the rest of the world that is known to kill magical energy and as such the Faydwell castle fuels itself from the Water wheels and Resevoir


Stories of the citizens of Faydwell
Dilya vasati:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/Lkj9qoVpjAp

Thermon the red:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/eDa58WkAvzg

Tulip Starfig:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/b82xJLmpv1z

Dr Sprouted:https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/bJ2bNolE2yB

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Raddak the Honourable: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/bJ2bNolE2yB
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48461 pieces
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4 months ago
Good Job et great rendering !!
4 months ago
Thanks, its actually a composite of 15 individual renders
4 months ago
You have got to be kidding me that photo shop because I can’t do that
4 months ago
Its not a perfect photoshop, If you zoom in you can see some areas where ive not mixed the renders quite right
4 months ago
OMG, This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it so so much, I'd love to see it finished but we all have other stuff to do in our lives.
4 months ago
It just gets better and better!
4 months ago
Thank you Snrki
4 months ago
So, your never going to finish?
4 months ago
I have no idea, I know i wont be doing anything for at least 2 months while im sorting things out but my free time should open up at that point so maybe
4 months ago
Wow this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(If you finished this it might be possible for you to have the biggest model on mecabricks)
4 months ago
If i finish this it will be about 60000-70000 pieces, its already 48000 but the mountain is 10,000 on its own as it is and the finished mountain would be pretty much three times as tall
4 months ago
It's not even finished and it already looks AMAZING!!
The architecture just leaves me speechless. I can't wait to see the final product!!
4 months ago
That's a huuuuuge project!
Very impressive...
4 months ago
AMAZING, If you got some time would be amazing to see asgard build by you
4 months ago
Not a bad idea actually yeah, An Asguard build could be fun. This took months to do though and i couldnt even finish it so i think i would have to go for a slightly smaller scale if i were to attempt asgard
3 months ago
*chants* DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thor: Let's do "get help"
Loki: No. It's humiliating
Thor: SOMEONE GET HELP!!!!!!!!!! *Throws Loki*
Loki: That was Humiliating.
Thor: Not for me

3 months ago
Now that is one amazing set! Please leave a like on the sets of those who have commented their set name like i have to get more likes for everyone!

Red Skull Standoff
{its my first set and a bit basic and small but it would mean so much to everyone if u liked theirs im sure}
3 months ago
Pls don't self-advertise.
3 months ago
don't want to spend too much time on here because it will set my computer on fire. this is, however an aMAZing build, even if it's not finidhed, based on the render and thumbnail-thingy.
aI wish I could just loaad it.

also I don't have time for spell check. did I spell evrthing right?
3 months ago
Wow, what a stunning build!!
3 months ago
Thank you all!!!!
3 months ago
This is gorgeous!! Well done <33
3 months ago
how many bricks is this?
3 months ago
48000 pieces
2 months ago
48000 pieces, i've managed to get 14000 on my biggest model and i'm currently working on a bigger one, but i don't know if it'll beat 48. From a guy with experience with large models, this is pretty impressive.
2 months ago
Thank you very much, if i ever get arround to finishing this im estimating it might be 60k
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