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Ninjago: Zombified: Episode One: A Deadly Encounter
Published 2 months ago
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After Zane had a vision that night, he and the ninja went to the museum to check out the area. When they arrived, they found a strange, humanoid beast, and quick confronted him. “Who are you? What are you?” Lloyd asked. “Your worst nightmare!” the creature responded. Jay asked, “Could you be more specific?” The beast growled in frustration. “You shouldn’t have come here, under such short notice”, he said. I am unlike anything you’ve ever met. I am the being that will forever haunt your dreams! I am Tsenre… and I am reborn!” “Oh, yeah?”, Cole said in confidence. “We aren’t letting you off the hook too easily!” “Careful, guys!”, Lloyd warned the ninja. “There’s no telling what this guy is capable of, so I think we should carefully —“ Before Lloyd could finish, Kai interrupted him. “Time to take him out with.. fire!” Kai throws a burst of fire at Tsenre, and knocks his head off of his neck. Viral gasps and says, “I think I’m gonna be sick!” “What did you do, Kai?!”, Nya exclaimed. Kai said, “Clearly, I didn’t think this through!” “Unfortunately”, Zane replied. To their surprise, Tsenre stood up, picked up his head, and twisted it back onto his body. “How did you —?”, Jay worriedly began to say. Then, Tsenre said, “I gave you a choice to run away, but you failed to take it. Now, I will destroy you, and show no mercy!” Kai took a step up and said to Tsenre, “If that’s how you want this to go down, then we’ll bring you the fight you’ve been asking for! Ninja-go!

(For this series, I’m going to make the episodes shorter, in case you don’t want to read an entire long paragraph of text. You’re welcome!)
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2 months ago
Nice!! I like the idea of shorter chapters, but I liked how organized they were before. Maybe fix that?
2 months ago
I’ll work on it. I’ll give the episode a proper beginning and end.
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