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King of the Wolves, My book! Chapter 1 and prologue
Published 6 months ago
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Prologue: Long ago the world was ruled by wolves. The wolves were ruled by 7 king wolves who each ruled one of the seven continents. The wolves all agreed that none of them would have a pup. But one disobeyed that rule, king Harma the king of Antarctica. Harma had one child by the name of Ango. But Ango was no wolf; he had no pointy ears, fluffy tail, and long nose. No Ango was a human, the first human in fact. When Ango learned he was human and not wolf he was outraged he fled Antarctica and was never to be seen again. Until many years later. He came back and gathered supporters (more humans that is). Soon the wolves and humans were in war. The wolves were winning but then Ango forged the most powerful weapon ever to be used, The Sword of Power, a glowing sword that had the power to make the entire universe crumble into bits. In the end lord polda sacrificed himself by taking the sword of power and destroying Ango and himself. The sword was buried deep under the ice and snow of Antarctica. And over time the story was forgotten by most people. But there were those who couldn't forget…

Chapter One

Antarctica 1985: A group of investigators were searching through a cave. When one of the investigators thought he heard a far of howl from a wolf the noise was coming closer and fast! “Wolves”. One of the men said and they ran but when they got to the only exit of the cave it was blocked off. They turned around slowly and saw a ghostly shadow of a wolf looming ever closer. Then a glowing sword rose up from the ground. And then there was a voice. Alaska 1:00 AM: Húvarda woke to the howl of a wolf. He tried to go back to bed but something was haunting him. He turned on his light and remembered it was only a dream. By the time he got back into bed the entire dream had floated out of his mind. 5 hours later: Húvarda sat up in bed, turned on his light and got dressed. He was fairly tall for a 13 year old and had very brown (and long) hair. He had a pet husky named Huo. He went out into the living room, grabbed his snowshoes and trudged out the door. He walked down to the market, grabbed some eggs and walked back up to his house. When he got there he found his 16 year old sister was still asleep and his two brothers were too. They were 15 and 17. He walked back into his room and sat on his bed thinking about his dream he had last night. He couldn't remember details but… something about a wolf. He heard his sister getting up. So he walked back into the living room. “Good morning Húvarda” said his sister Deser. “Good morning Deser.” growned Húvarda. “Good morning little bro!” said his oldest brother Cren. Húvarda rolled his eyes. “Is Sar still sleeping?” asked Húvarda. “Ya I think so.” said Cren. Sar was Húvardas other older brother and if you thought Cren was annoying he is nothing compared to Sar. “Um do you guys want breakfast?” asked Cren. “no yes no” reapplied Húvarda. Deser had gone to wake sar up judging by the yells coming from Sars room. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” said Cren as Sar and Deser came down the stairs, each of them holding swords and looking very injured. “What happened?” asked Húvarda slowly. They both pointed at each other. Húvarda and Cren exchanged puzzled looks. “Sar do ya want breakfast?” Asked Cren. “Nah” replied Sar. “Kay` then” said Cren. I know what you're probably thinking “who are these people?” “What year is it?” and “why do these kids not have parents?” well that will all be explained soon enough. But in the meantime we must let are story unfold.

Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes...
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6 months ago
by the way that's Huvarda
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