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Exploration Team Zeta Chapter One
Published 2 months ago
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Ok guys, this is a SUPER rough story, my first time making anything Sci-fi, so it would be appreciated if you gave feedback on this for the second chapter. K here we go.

The year was 3030, space colonization was failing, and there was one last effort, and that effort, was Exploration Team Zeta. Zeta was made of the very best astronauts possible. There was Rita, the engineer of the group. Then there was Jansen, who had impeccable aim, as well as Jason, Jansen's brother, who was completely selfless, and would do anything to save his team. Also with them was Kirby, the groups scientist, and his assistant, Karen.

Our story begins on the launch pad at home on Earth.

Jason surveyed his group before launch, asleep in their cryo pods, ready to land on the last planet in reach of the most advanced technologies, Planet 999. The planet would remain unnamed unless it was found to be hospitable to human life. As Jason stepped into his cryo pod, he thought of all the lives he was saving by leading this mission. He thought of all the ships Earth had made, specific to fit all of Earth's population and a little more. As soon as he turned around to face the clone crew, the door closed, and he fell asleep.

<10 light years later>
The cryo pod opened up with a hiss, and Jansen hopped out, excited to explore the new world. He skipped over to his brothers pod and opened it.
Jansen: Wake up Jason, wake up! We've landed!
Jason: Is that right?*yawn*
Jansen hauled his brother out of his pod, and threw his suit on top of him.
Jason: Okay, I'm up, I'm up.
Jason slipped his pressurized suit on, and proceeded to open up Kirby's pod.
Kirby: *yawn*. Where's my suit?
Jansen tosses Kirby his suit
Jason: Kirbs, get Karen up. Then have her get everyone else up. We'll be waiting for everyone at the airlock.
Kirby: Yes sir.
Jason and Jansen walk away while everyone else gets woken up.

The entire group walked through the airlock and examined the planet's surface.
Kirby: I've never seen anything like this. This is amazing!
Karen: What exactly is so special about this dirt sir?
Jansen: Are you joking? It's PURPLE.
Jason: No, it's just normal old dirt.
Rita: No, it's purple.
Jansen: I know right? Jason you're crazy. And so is anyone who thinks it's just normal dirt.
Karen: Can we stop arguing and get to the rover? Who knows what we'll have to clean up from the last crew?
Everyone agrees, and they walk to the rover.
Karen: Wow this place is pretty clean.
Jansen: Hey Karen? What did you mean by the last crew?
Jason: You didn't hear? They never came back after they set up the base.
Jansen: Oh.
Karen: Can we get this thing going already Rita?
Rita: I'm trying, cool your jets.
The rover rumbled to life, humming with energy
Rita: Alright, lets see what this thing can do!
Jason: Shouldn't we have people ready at the back in case anything tries to attack?
Rita: You're the leader, you tell me.
Jansen: *muffled talking*
Jason: Use the comms in your helmet buddy.
Jansen: *static* Sorry bro, I said I already found a good place to shoot from on the roof. Only room for one though.
Jason: It's okay I'll be on the balcony.

The end. I know, pretty abrupt finish, but it's my first time, so I apologize if it's bad. Again, please give feedback in the comments, I'm good with constructive criticism. Hope you guys want a second chapter!
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