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6251-1: Pirate Minifigures
Published 10 months ago
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This set no. 6251 'Pirate Mini Figures,' alternatively known as '3 Pirates and 2 Soldiers' in the UK, came out in September 1989 as part of the "Pirates" theme's debut. Like the rest of the initial lineup, it was designed by Niels Milan Pedersen.

Pirates became the first brand-new "System" in LEGOLAND to expand the original trio of Town, Castle, and Space. This groundbreaking theme brought a new level of complexity to Lego, featuring top-notch sailship models (with textile sails and custom molds).

All "Pirates" minifig innovations are reflected in this set: custom faces instead of a standard grin and more sophisticated, detailed torso prints. Finally, "Pirates" was the first theme to introduce Lego firearms; Classic Space only utilized more abstract, cartoonish-looking blasters, while "Town" never had any weapons on principle (even for law enforcement).

Five minifigures represented both factions in the new theme, "Pirates" and "Imperial Soldiers." They're armed with three swords, a flintlock pistol, and a musket.

☠ Captain Red Beard
It was the first generation of iconic, irreplaceable "Pirates" leader—with a wooden right leg, a silver hook, brown epaulets, and a "skull-and-bones" admiral's hat. Captain's face has messy red hair and stubbles, a thick mustache, and a black eyepatch. (This exact minifig appeared in every "Pirates" Minifig Pack.)

☠ Lady Anne Anchor
Lady Anchor, also commonly known as just "Anne," was the first Lego minifigure to have an explicitly-female face (with thick red lips and messy black hair). She wears a blue bandana and has a custom torso with a red corset, necklace, and black belts.

☠ Pirate
The regular male pirate wears a red bandana, striped sleeveless shirt, and comes unshaven, with messy black hair and mustaches. There were several variations of this character.

♛ Lieutenant de Martinet
He was second-in-command of the "Imperial Soldiers," answering directly to Governor Broadside. Wears a standard "white-and-blue" uniform, yellow epaulets, and a black tricorne hat. Martinet's face was quite similar to Captain Red Beard, but with both eyes intact.

♛ Imperial Soldier
An infantryman has a simple grin face, red epaulets, a brown backpack, and a black shako hat.

Additionally, there's a treasure chest with a double set of gold coins and a red parrot.

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