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Keyton Brief backstory
Published 2 months ago
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if you would like to know more about him, check out my other model about him!


He stepped into a dark clustered alleyway. His Death Slayers clung on his armored back, clinking against each other, and echoing back through the alley, each time coming back as an eerie screech. Bodies were everywhere, on the ground, hanging from cloths line, in fire exits, one was even stuck in a broken window, the glass shards stabbing him right through his chest.

And with bodies, comes lots of blood, it covered half the walls, stained all the windows, it dripped from the cloths line above, making small puddles and adding onto the large ones. There were far too many chunks of one body that the drains were useless. Keyton couldn’t even count how many had been slaughtered, it had been a complete blood bath, worse for him, the blood was already starting to cake, his time was almost up, and he didn’t know how many had been killed, it was a guessing game now, 30 he thought. He didn’t know the area well, but it was time to go find 30 people, there must be a hospital somewhere.

He ran off, but Keyton wasn’t a normal person whatsoever, he could go over 100mph for a few minutes before needing a rest, so finding a large white building with a giant sign that said ‘HOSPITAL’ was a lot easier for him the normal lost person. He ran through the doors as fast as he could, looking for anyone who looked near death, peeping in each door, intel. . .there! a large room with about 20 or so people, all looked on the verge of dying. He opened the door, and when people saw him, they cast shocked looks at each other. He heard yelling behind him, and two large security guards came in with their guns pointed at him, shoot, people know about me even here. They shot nervous glances at Keyton, they know what I can do, and they know they have no chance. “PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM KINO!” yelled one of the guards, wait a sec . . .Kino? they think I’m a Kino? Who told them that?! Keyton kept his hand down, which made the guard yell again, “PUT HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM OR WE’LL SHOT!” these two are clearly stupid, so they’ll work.

“Who told you that I’m a Kino?” Keyton said under his breath. In an instant, his Death Slayers were in his hands, in another instant, they were buried in guards 1’s chest before he could shoot. The room exploded with screams of horror as people were urged to flee out of the room, had Keyton not been there that is. Guard 2 was shaken, but he wasn’t a coward and shot right at Keyton’s heart, but instead of dodging it Keyton stopped it with a small burst of lightning and shot it right through the guard's head, he fell with a loud thud. Blood was starting to cover the floor where the two guards had fallen, and it was about to get worse, but he only had a little bit of time. He exploded everything in the room with a huge burst of lightning, it was worse than he hoped for it to be, but at least he saved the people in the alley.

He was completely drained from that, but he had to get out before-“FIRE AT WILL!” crap, they're here already. He turned around to be met with hundreds of bullets frozen at his face
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2 months ago
oh sorry forgot to laugh
2 months ago
noice! quite dark, but that was the vibe you were going for
well done.
2 months ago
thank you! yea it'll get darker as I dive deeper into the story, mainly just more detailed
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