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Newest SigFig, gamers.
Published 7 months ago
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Aight. Here it is. With my return, comes a new sigfig. Surprised? Probs not. But, With the new workshop, I added a custom designed torso. Surprised again? Again, probs not. But anyway, That's it, sooo...yeah have a great day I'll see y'all next time BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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7 months ago
I like this design!
7 months ago
That's a great custom! Just a little thing, there's a few white pixels at the back. This isn't too bad, it just brings down the professionalism by just a bit. I really like this new design, though!
7 months ago
Yeah, I noticed the white pixels too. When I went back into Photoshop to fix it, Everything was fine.
7 months ago
That's strange. Does your decal have a transparent background?
7 months ago
Ok, I would suggest running the image file through this website, setting the Transparency Colour to 'white', or the rgb value of the unwanted pixels, if you can find them.
If you do this, play around with the settings until you get a nice result. This is what I do for basically all of my customs. It will transparentise the white pixels, giving you a nicer result.

This is just a suggestion, but I've always found it works, and it may help you with your problem. Hope you benefit from it.
7 months ago
NICE. I was concerned you might try and lose the matching head and pants
That custom torso looks amazing btw....
7 months ago
Cuz then I'd have to steal your custom head so I can use on my fig! >: D
7 months ago
Nice! I honestly like this one better!
7 months ago
Nice. Though I made one in the same way and style too so...

TG wouldn’t show how he did it, so I just copied the style.
7 months ago
Though I acknowledge that yours is relatively different from TG’s and mine.
7 months ago
Update. I no longer have the dual katana's, I now have a SCYTHE.
3 months ago
Why is it that I can never see your custom pieces?
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