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Elite Clone Squad ~ Custom
Published 6 months ago
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Hello, Star Wars fan,

(Or at least you are familiar with Star Wars clones...) This is my elite clone squad, inspired by the character classes of Star Wars Battlefront 2! This model includes the basic characters: Assault, Officer, Heavy, and Specialist, as well as the reinforcements: Infiltrator, Enforcer, and Aerial (or jetpack trooper). These clones (I don't know what battalion they're from) have not yet been included in the game, yet, so I took creative liberty in constructing them. I attempted to keep these characters in line with the Star Wars, and Battlefront, theme. I used "illegal" building techniques, to add detail, design, texture, and accuracy to the characters.

I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to render or save them to your workshop or library! Just please remember to give me a "shout-out" if you decide to include them in a model of your own! Thank you!

- Lego_User
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6 months ago
Thanks! (I'm almost ready for your contest!)
6 months ago
Your welcome! (AWESOME! I wish I could say the same...
Jk, I cant wait to see what you built!
6 months ago
No one loves the droids....
6 months ago
@AwesomeBrix78: Ha! Thanks!

@AHL: Ha! Not today! (Although, I do like the droids... on occasion...
6 months ago
These a re WWWWAAAAYYYYYY better than my custom troopers!
6 months ago
AWESOME!! It's funny because I really like to use that clone appearance for the Officer in Battlefront 2!
6 months ago
@MOCmaster: Thanks! (Although I did have a general idea of what they could look like, from the game... yours are original!)

@CommanderBrick: That's awesome! I always think about using this "skin/armor" when I play... but I usually just use the 501st troopers (the blue guys). These guys (that I made) are just creepy! Which game mode do you play? Have you tried Capitol Supremacy/Co-op yet?
6 months ago
You're welcome and Thanks!
6 months ago
@Lego_User: Cool! I usually use the Kashyyyk or Geonosis skin for my Clone Officer. The game mode I usually play is Blast (because 3 missions is like 30 minuets) but I really like to play Capital Supremacy on weekends. My favorite hero would have to be Luke, but Anakin is really awesome too!

And I don't think these awesome figures you made are freaky, they're really cool and I enjoy looking at them!
Btw I play Battlefront 2 on PS4.
6 months ago
6 months ago
[And for those reading, I'm not ignoring CommanderBrick!
We continued the conversation in PM!
6 months ago

Your conversation inspired me!
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