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The Fallen Empire: Chapter 2: The Main Quest
Published 2 months ago
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In the unknown world....

MOCmaster: Dang, I need new glasses..

j2fam77: Oh my gosh!!

MOCmaster What happened?

j2fam77: This place isn't Donkey Kong.

MOCmaster: Oh.

j2fam77: This place has EVERYTHING!!! Even the heat resistant climbing wear!

MOCmaster: Wow, that sword looks important! Let's ask that guy about it!

MOCmaster: Hey, who are you, and can you tell us about about that cool-looking sword?

Kenny: Name's Kenny, me jolly old beans, and this old heck-of-a-clobber is the one and only Blade Crusher, mate!!

MOCmaster: How much?

Kenny: Hehehehehe!! No, no, me little snot, it's not FOR sale! it's a reward given to you for beating this open world game! You gotta defeat The Beast Inhabiting the Temple!! And he's mad, I tell ya! Mad!

j2fam77: Where exactly IS this beast?

Kenny: Just north of here, mate!

j2fam77: So, we just get going to fight him and get out of this crazy world?

Kenny: Oh, oh no! But you amuse me quite a bit, old bean! You need help from the Great Beasts!

MOCmaster: The great what?

Kenny: THE GREAT BEASTS. Falchoir (FAL-KEE-OR), the Falcon of Wind, Bungai (BUN-GI), the Lion of Earth, Rayta (RAY-TUH), the Leviathan of Water, and Pyturga (PI-TUR-GUH), the Dragon of Fire. These four autonomous warriors will help you, if you can tame each one. Peace to you two, and may the wind always guard your sails!
|To be continued...>

Something funny: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/JV2y96dZ2yQ

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2 months ago
Awesome dude! Hope to see more from you!
226 models | 6.4k views
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