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Published 1 year ago
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Alright, so here is the deal people… I got a job. I’m going to be working at a cooler factory making, well, coolers. The irony is it’s going to be over 100 degrees sometimes… and we are making coolers O_o… but, oh well
. However… this will have some setbacks. I’m going to be working from 10-12 hours a day… about half the week. This means, I won’t be that active. No, I’m not leaving… and no, this isn’t one of those posts where I say that I’m going to be inactive and end up being just as or more active than I thought… I’m just going to be on less. Please nobody run off or anything though… I’ve got some cool ideas coming up and I want everyone to stay around for that. I’ve just been busy as of late, and am going to be busier. So… that’s the jazz for ya…

First week of work

Me: Boy I’m tired of the blow mold operator stuff!

Random dude: Why don’t you just quit?

Me: Ninja never quit!

Second week of work

Me: I’m quitting! This is just too hard!

Random dude: But Ninja never quit!

Me: Good thing I’m not a Ninja.

Random dude: O_o…

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Well! Congratulations on getting a job! 10-12 hours a day, that's intense. I hope you have fun!

Yeah, you're right. I don't use them. I just leave all my food in the pantry 24/7 and if I can't eat it fast enough, it goes to the dragon.
1 year ago
He will melt... O_o...

@Dragon Gracias! Thank you! And, well no... it will actually be in a warehouse... not in tents.

Also... what's your dragon's name?
1 year ago
Good luck, Greenie! Have fun at your job!
1 year ago
dude that's awesome! good luck!!!

(@Dragon, you mean Scout, right?
1 year ago
@Gman Thank you bro!

@KoE Thanks man! I've gotta run O_O
1 year ago
@Greeny, *facepalm* That's exactly the kind of joke several of my irl friends make.

@Sir Elabor, yeah, y'all will meet her soon.
1 year ago
Woofda. That's harsh. Well at least when I buy a cooler I will know who made it!
1 year ago
WAIT!!! I'm not a irl friend *sniff*... *starts wailing*

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: Do you even know what irl means?

Me: *sniff*... um... no...

Random dude: *shakes head* Than that's why, well, I mean that explains why you're crying.

Me: I'm not crying! *wipes eyes*

Random dude: Yeah right, very convincing.

Me: Do you want me to call my mother!

Random dude: What would she do?

Me: Um, well... *pulls out phone* Hey Siri, what would my mother do to Random dude if I called her and said that he was being mean to me?

Siri: I don't know how to respond to that.

Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! *starts crying again*

Random dude: You need a nap, and you need to get rid of your phone.

Me: No! That's not true... you need a nap you big baby!

Random dude: Is that supposed to be offensive?

InnerChristmasElf: Boys, you do know you're both on the check twice list this year right?

Random dude: WHAT!!!!

InnerChristmasElf: Yes, you've both been bad boys so far.

Me: *calls Trump*

Trump: Hello what can I do for you?

Me: TRUMP!!!! TRUMP!!!! I have a problem! You need to gather all the good citizens of America and wage war on Santa! He has me on his CHECK TWICE LIST!!!!

Trump: *hangs up*

Me: What did he do that for?

Random dude: How'd you get his phone number?

ICE: Why on earth did he even answer?

InnerWritingWorm: That was some gooood chicken!

*everyone looks at IWW*

IWW: What? I just came back from Chick-fil-a... they have really good chicken minis.

Random dude: I'm leaving...

Maybe... there will be other Operators as well
1 year ago
Wow, do they really lift them one by one, on a robotic arm like that?! O_O
I'm almost 16, any suggestions on some good jobs for someone of my age?

Thanks bro, that was hilarious.
1 year ago
@Greeny, to (probably mis)quote someone, "That was insanely chaotic and I loved it!"
1 year ago
@Snap No, not exactly... I just made something similar to what I saw O_o...

Oh... and you're welcome

@Dragon You know, when someone like me makes a post like a 100th model post, 1 Year anniversary post, etc etc... it's a good idea to highlight everything and make sure there aren't any hidden messages... however, I always have to check everyone of your comments for something
... just a random fact O_o... anyways... THANK YOU!!!!!

@Wynter_Studios02 Poor frosty...
a few MORE things,
1. fAcE rEvEaL tHe MaSk Is FiNaLly OfF!!!! (makes sense. I mean, 100 degree weather! It would get pretty dang stuffy in there.)
2. I could have sworn I checked your profile yesterday and nothing was there...
3. GreenOperator024 always gets the last smirk now!
1 year ago
@Justy Yeah... well... irl they are probably going to still require masks for a while O_o... which stinks... but hopefully that will change soon O_O...
Also... I have no idea why nothing would be in my profile O_O!!!!
1 year ago
Hey, that job sounds a lot "cooler" than mine!

I actually don't really have one.....
1 year ago
@Greeny, Well, I reckon we all do it.
I know I do. You never know what could be hiding.
1 year ago
@OffThe Thanks

@Dragon Yeah, however, ah never mind!I've actually once or twice revealed disclosed information that no one has really found
1 year ago
You should work for lego someday! You'd Be Great
I personally like coolers... yeah, Greenco once revealed his name in a render and spelled his name backwards. not the most effective way of keeping a good digital footprint but whatever.
1 year ago
@Legomaster seeing as how I no longer work there, the spot is open

Complicated story, and just fo yo info... you don't want to work there
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