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Earth-Prime: Chapter 4
Published 4 months ago
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All of them were sent to a small cage as only Ezra went to a different place since he did not fit in the door of the cage.

Tom: This is so unfair! they took our suits!
Jacob: Yeah, that annoying.

Harper started raging around the room.

Mira: Harper, relax.
Harper: No! This is all Jason's fault.
Jason: Harper relax-
Harper: No! You planned to do this! You failed and because of that we lost the ship, and Nate is still dead!
Tom: It is not only his fault, and I am sure we will not be here long. They can't keep us here.
Roy: True, it is only the start, we will not fall easily. We are a team.
Harper: Well, we are not a team without Ezra and Nate, but even if they were here, we will be a team in a cage, which is nothing.
Mira: Relax Harper!
Jason: Harper is right. I am sorry it was all my idea, we shouldn't have done it alone. We should have contacted the real legends the real heroes.
Roy: No. We are the real heroes now. We are the only ones who can save Nate.
Mira: Yes Roy is right.

Then soon Ava sharp came to them.

Ava: You will be released now, but we will need to take it back since you used a stolen time-ship.
Roy: What!? No!
Ava: We need the ship, there is no question.
Mira: Then what we are suppose to do?
Ava: We will release you on your time and you will continue living your life.
Jason: You don't understand! We need to time travel to save our friends.
Ava: Rockie mistake, the Legends done that, ended up breaking time.
Harper: But we need to go. We need his help Nate.
Ava: You won't I can't let you risk breaking time. Now go.

Ava opened a time portal.

Ava: Go!

They all went through the portal.

Harper: Great plan, now Nate is really gone, we cannot go back.
Jacob: And his parents will kill us for losing the Waverider.
Tom: True.
Mira: Well, we need to move forward. Help each other.
Tom: Wait, there are no killing aliens here.
Jacob: You mean the black lanterns?
Tom: Yeah, they were supposed to kill everyone.
Ezra: Does not seem like it.

Tom toke a newspaper.

Tom: Look! We are one week earlier.
Harper: They must have messed up.
Jacob: Yes, but that means that we can still save Nate.
Jason: We can't go back there, we will break time. We need to get other people to help.
Harper: Where do we start?
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4 months ago
Cool! Is this where the "special character" I made comes in?
4 months ago
Soon, I think the next one or the one after that
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