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Benedict Cumberbatch
Published 7 months ago
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7 months ago
(I know he’s been in a bunch of other movies and shows, such as Sherlock, but these are the ones I’ve seen him in.
7 months ago
the only thing I knew about it was that the person who played Gollum played Snoke...
I'm a pretty pathetic fan, if I do say so myself...

but well, I don't really spend all my time watching movies. quality time with my family is better, because it's limited.
7 months ago
*Joke (I do hate Star Trek and Power Rangers tho). Uhhhh message to all: I HATE STAR TREK. They think they come in with their little CGI star ships and make HOUR long episodes that have graphics like Power Rangers. And make ppl think that "Oh Star Trek was ahead of it's time BLAH BLAH BLAH." That was a joke- But I do hate Star Trek and Power Rangers). Uhhh nice Grinch??
(Wasn't Jim Carrey the Grinch? Or- Ohhh your talking about the newest one.. Okay)
7 months ago
SaY WhAt?! I did not know bout any of those, I need to watch the second Hobbit
6 months ago
Star Trek as in the recent J. J. Abrams trilogy. (the only Star Trek I’ve seen)
I didn’t think it was all that bad...
6 months ago
Mr. Blankety Blank— Yep, that’s the one I was talking about, simply named, “The Grinch.”
The other one with Jim Carrey is named “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”
6 months ago
I sometime forget his last name, so I replace it with "Cucumber"
6 months ago
A few quotes for your enjoyment:

“Dormammu—I’ve come to bargain.”

“We’re in the Endgame now.”

*rage* “You—should’ve—let me sleep!”

"My armour is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!"

“There is something about you. Something you carry, something made of gold... but far more PRECIOUS...”

“I am fire! I am... DEATH.”

*anxious whisper* “This is the loudest snow I've ever heard in my life!”

“Well, Santa had eight reindeer, he looks like he ate the other seven.”

“I specifically bought enough food to last me until January. How much emotional eating have I been doing?*

“I don't believe this. Max, did you teach him puppy eyes?”

*goat scream at him* “What was that? Scram! Skedaddle! Strange goat.

“The present! THIS is our enemy! You WILL want to unwrap it... And... play with it. But you must NOT!
If you can get past the present, the only obstacle left is...
THE COOKIE. Look at it in all its red, sugary splendor. No, no, no! Look at yourselves! Discipline! We must.. Resist.”

*whispers into wrist-watch* “Release the sheep.”

“We are the North Wind...And No One Breaks the Wind!”

“Perhaps you should show a little more concern for the fact that you stole and destroyed...a 19 MILLION DOLLAR VEHICLE!”

Maybe I went a little overboard with those, I dunno....
6 months ago
Mr. Blankety Blank— ”Benedict Cucumber”—I like it!
6 months ago
Lego_Pride— *nods as if he understood* Yep, totally that.
6 months ago
It sounds like a “My Little Pony” or a Strawberry Shortcake character!
6 months ago
I forgot that Benedict Cumberpatch voiced the [EVIL ENTITY] in Good Omens.
4 months ago
Benedict is THE BEST ACTOR EVER. You NEED to watch Sherlock.
2 months ago
(Updated to include Doctor Strange Supreme.
2 months ago
despite the fact that you don't like What If...? you seem to make stuff about it more and more...
wafflenati confirmed?
2 months ago
Justy -
True… I guess I like the costumes and plotlines, but everything else emotionally lacking. Also, Episode 4 was one of the “good” ones.
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