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Project D_R - Ch. 9
Published 2 months ago
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Project D_R

Ch. 9

Thursday, 7:38 A.M. at the Zilla

The mood of the group would’ve made stormclouds look sunny. Op was constantly checking his phone, Hammer was downing cup after cup of tea, Guitarman and Chuck were arguing about toothbrushes, Mrbrick was asleep, LW sat dejectedly on the nose of the jet and Snap and Python fixed breakfast. Operator took a deep breath and called the team to order.

“I know Greenie and Knight haven’t returned,” he said, checking his phone once more, “But it really can’t be helped. I need to know what y’all think we should do.”

“What do you mean?” Snap asked, “We’re going to keep searching for her, aren’t we?”

“That’s the thing,” Op replied. “Where do we go from here? What clue do we follow? I don’t want to give up, but we’ve gotta be realistic.”

“He’s right,” Hammer said, “it’s quite a disappointment, but Australia is a big country. We’ve nothing more to go on.”

“If only Greenie and Kayoee were back,” Guitarman grumbled.

“Let’s face it,” Op said, “We don’t even know if she’s pulling our leg or not.”

“But she asked for help!” Python interrupted.

“True,” Op continued, “But we’ve never met her. We don’t even know what she looks like!”

“I, for one,” said LW, looking around the group, “am not leaving until we’ve found D_R.”

Murmurs of agreement aroused at his words.

“I say we vote!” Snap cried, “All in favour of staying raise your hand.”

LegoWilderness, Guitarman, Snap and Chuck raised their hands. Python, Hammer, Mrbrick and Op gazed hopelessly at each other.

“I can’t believe you want to abandon her,” LW said, glaring at Op.

“I DON’T!” Op said, “but how do you propose we proceed, huh? What do you suggest we do? We have nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, to go off. If you think you know everything, you moppy-haired marshmallow, then please, tell us what we should do.”

LegoWilderness sprang up, fists at the ready, but Snap and Chuck caught him.

“Both of you galoots STOP!” Python said, “you’re not helping ANYTHING.”

“You’re supposed to be on our side!” LW yelled at Python.

“I don’t know Dragon, I never really talked to her,” Python said. “There’s nothing more we can do. And there shouldn’t be any sides!”

LW stormed away, but not before shouting, “Chuck’s on our side and he’s the only one who knows how to fly the Zilla.”

Op dropped dejectedly into his chair. An awkward silence followed. No one seemed to know what to do. Op’s phone buzzed, it was Greenie.

Nothing 2 report. Knight and I r coming. Where’d ya park the jet?

“You may not want to come back,” Op muttered, but he replied and hit SEND.


Thursday, 7:45 A.M. Chupacabra HQ - Prison Department

“Greeny! Greeny, wake up!”

“Ugh . . .” Greeny rolled over on the stone floor and tried to sit up. “Who . . . ouch is that?”

“It’s me! C’mon, Greeny!”

“D_R?” Greeny’s eyes tried to focus, but he was still confused. “That’s impossible . . . you’re lost.”

“I know, and it’s awful,” D_R replied, banging the bars which separated the cells, again. “What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re lost too.”

“Would you believe me if I told you I only came down to see if Aussies really call fries, ‘chips’?”

“No,” she said, feeling a grin spread over her face, “I would not believe you. Wait a sec, Operator got my message, didn’t he?”

“If you mean the one with cryptic elvish writing and a weird map, then yeah. He got it.” Greeny shakily got to his feet. “Oof, what happened?”

“Well, some guys came in a while ago and threw you into that cell,” said Dragon. “I didn’t pay much attention until I recognised your jacket. Then I knew it was you and I’ve been trying to wake you up for ages!”

Greeny rubbed the bump on his head. “I’m so confused. Where’s Knight? What happened to you?”

“Sir Elabor is here?” she asked, feeling her stomach sink.

“I’d assume so,” Greeny replied, “he was with me last I remember.”

“Sit down,” Dragon said, doing just that. “Tell me, what do you remember?”

“Ugh . . .” Greeny winced again. “Sir Elabor and I were exploring one of the locations you sent us. The cliff one? Anyway, we found a cave and went inside. But there was this creature in there! I think it was a . . . dragon. We went running for our lives but then these guys showed up. Knight seemed to know them, he started fighting like a . . . well, knight. That’s all I remember.”

“Oh, great elephants, this isn’t good.”

“What? What’s going on, D_R?”

“It’s really a long story,” Dragon replied.

Before she could say another word, the door at the end of the hallway slammed open with a terrific bang. Several armed guards walked in.


Thursday, 7:40 A.M. Chupacabra HQ - Griffon’s office

“Well, well, well, my lad,” Griffon said. “It’s such a pleasure to see you again.”

“Cut the pleasantries, Griffon,” Sir Elabor said. “What do you want?”

“Such a naive question, lad.” Laughter. “You know exactly what I want. You. You are the key to all my plans.”

“I don’t have them any longer,” Sir Elabor said, “I disposed of them a long time ago.”

“I know,” Griffon leaned forwards on his desk. “Why else do you think I’d have the girl? I know she possessed them for a short amount of time.”

Sir Elabor closed his eyes, knowing he should’ve known this would happen. “I’m such a fool. Sorry, Dragon.”

“After we *ahem* took the girl, we searched her house. I know for a fact she is no longer in possession of them. Now we have the beast she bought out, I have no use for her.”

“WHAT?” Sir Elabor sprang to his feet. “What have you done . . . ?”

“What did you expect, lad?”

Sir Elabor closed his eyes again and did some lightning thinking. “Well you’re making a big mistake! She still has them, but I don’t know where they are.”

Griffon’s head snapped up and his hand darted to an intercom switch. Then he stopped. “How do I know you’re not stalling?”

“Do you want to take that risk?”

“Clever boy,” Griffon activated the intercom. “Saxon, I hope you haven’t done anything stupid yet. I want the girl bought to me, stat!”


“Thank you.”

“Wait, sir?”


“What are your orders concerning the jet down near Perth?”

“Bring the crew in.”


End of Chapter 9

For Christ Alone!

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2 months ago
You are most definitely on a role! this is one of the best yet!
2 months ago
wait does somebody here have my hair!
2 months ago
Can't wait for more!
2 months ago
One of those models that you can't help but like even before you read or see it

wait half a irregular millisecond... if they was planning on killing you, they obviously have no use for me... and seeing how I have been killing off everyone but myself in my story... it would only be fitting if...

oh Greenie, why must you come to this end

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: Literally bro, you can't just jump to conclusions like that.

Me: Oh! You had such a wonderful life... oh Greenie, oh my friend!

Random dude: Now you're just creeping me out.

Me: Bro, you had so much life yet to live! What about the jeep you were going to buy!

Random dude: Since we are talking about this in light of the story, he already bought it.

Me: What about the candy you never finished eating!

Random dude: I thought you were on a sugar diet?

Me: What about all the plans you had yet to accomplish!

Random dude: Those were trash to began with.

SnapStudio: It's alright Greenie, I never liked you in the first place.

*everyone stares*

Me: How did Snap get pulled into this?

Random dude: *shrugs* Idda know, you ask him.
2 months ago
Whoa, awesome chapter!
Did @KoE build the jet?
2 months ago

Me: Yeah, Random Dude is hacking your brain to make you think I said such a thing.

Random Dude: No I'm not!!

GreenFlame: Prove it.

Randon Dude: You got me there...

GreenFlame: Though, that doesn't answer the question of how you got into this, Snap.

Random Dude: *Sits Up*

Me: How could I not when the words, "Sugar Diet" were uttered.
2 months ago

Amazing job D_R!

Also, if the jet is destroyed, that’s why I always keep a magical flying oversized toothbrush in the cargo hold!
2 months ago
@Fireblade + Guitarman, Thanks!

@Greeny, Oh well, I guess that's the end of your heroic mission.

.For the record, someone will die . . .

@Snap, I'm not sure, I got it off one of his Project D_R models.

@Chuck, Thanks!
2 months ago
Epic!! man, this is just soo good. can i hire you to write the rest of my stories from now on??

@Snap, no actually it's just a re-color of the Stark Jet from FFH xD
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