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Reliant-class Hauler
Published 1 month ago
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The Reliant class of modular spacecraft was one of the most widely-used and widely praised commercial space vessels of the mid-21st century. Designed and built by Hephaestus Spaceworks, the Reliant class was unusually modular for a powered vessel: the whole ship, including the drive system and habitat configuration, was designed to have modules added or subtracted for specialized operations. Its propulsion block was modeled around the standard hydrogen-oxygen boosters in circulation throughout the Earth-Moon system, allowing space for the boosters to lock together in quadrilateral configurations to increase the ship's delta-V. With this advantage, Reliant-class ships could be configured to haul enormous amounts of both cargo and personnel to and from anywhere in cis-Terran space; or small payloads to and from Mars or the Belt, if the crew were prepared to endure the long Hohmann transfer times.

Shown in this configuration are the large command and habitat modules; this largest model of the habitat module was lightweight and rotated to provide centrifugal "gravity" for long voyages. The cargo truss is loaded with 24 Prospector-type autonomous low-gravity mining units, each capable of extracting up to 156 cubic meters of material from any body with negligible surface gravity.
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