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I'm NOT leaving! But. . .
Published 6 months ago
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Okay, just to be clear. . . I'M NOT LEAVING MB!!!

But I just wanna warn y'all I might be on a lot less. As you can tell from the model, I've got a lot going on right now. Some good stuff, some meh stuff but it's a lot of. . . stuff. I'm not going to say "I'm taking a break" or anything like that, cuz I'll still find time (like right now) to be on MB. And hopefully at some point everything will level out a bit (key word, hopefully) and I'll be able to be on more consistently.

Also, the best way to reach me rn is thru PM. Just be warned, it could be awhile before i respond (sorry bout that Snap. . .)
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6 months ago
I mean, being Spider-Man keeps you busy I guess,,,don’t worry...I won’t give away your secret...
6 months ago
No worries, man! I know how difficult it can be to balance your life, especially with school. BTW, that sword on your foot? *chef's kiss*

Yes, it's a good representation of pretty much any teen's life.
6 months ago
@MrB, you're not wrong bro
(thx btw xD)

@Op, Y E P o_o (and yes, that tis a sword on my foot. . . don't ask
6 months ago
nicely posed! and also, wow. so many OG users are leaving or becoming less active. soon, I'm not sure who will still be here!
6 months ago
Justy: I'll be back soon. I need to finish up my 100th model. I'll be a TON more active after that!
6 months ago
I’m excited to see Godzilla v.s. Kong, @Knight!
I’ve watched both Pacific Rim movies and both Godzilla movies, and I’m about to see Skull Island and then I’ll see that one!
6 months ago
Wow... that's, well, hey man... that's a LOT of work
. Eh, do ya need a hand because... *looks at my own load of work*... well because I was about to say that MrBrick would be extremely happy to help you with all that!
6 months ago
It's cool man.
Don't drop that camera!

And yeah, It's fine about the PM's.
6 months ago
@WB, ayyy nice!!!

@GFlame, oh really? that's super nice of him cuz i feel like being Batman takes up a good chunk of his time

@Snap, I'm trying
(okay, thx
6 months ago
IM NOT DEAD YET. As long as I still function, I WILL be on mecabricks whenever I have access.
6 months ago
Well I can think of at least 2 different ways of carrying those particular items but that’s not the point. I’ll miss ya buddy! Wait your not leaving or taking a break... sooo... what exactly do I say? I’m sorry what did you say Schnitzel? I have to do school! But but! Not don’t grab my legs! No you can’t take me away! *insert darth vader no here*
6 months ago
@mizlegoman what does your Optimus Prime link have to do with this model? I’m not sure self advertising is allowed.
6 months ago
@SnapStudio, I was thinking about that camera too!
6 months ago
i put the link on the wrong build sorry
6 months ago
I'm actually going inactive a lot from now on 2 weeks of not touching mecabricks, that's gonna happen more (not like anyone's gonna care that i'm gone)
6 months ago
Whoa! That computer looks expensive! Don't drop it!
6 months ago
Heh, pretty good representation of my life rn too
we’re still unpacking because we shifted in a new house just two days ago!
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