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Assasin_9 Mecha
Published 2 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Aaaand ANOTHER random build. Very proud of this one tbh. Stem piece was a black droid torso and some weird white skis (because we love da weird white skis owo).
I've started to realise I've somehow subconsciously incorporated a white 1x1 Rounded Tile in most of my creations, so I think I'll keep that as my sig piece.
I would be very happy if someone uploaded a render or two :>
Updates; An hour later: Name changed, extra dagger added
Huge thanks to @Digital_Guy_ 4 and @XILLURT for their INCREDIBLE renders!

Greetings. This MOC was created by none other than ME, tarnizhed_bricks. I would be more than happy to let you use this in one of your own fantastic creations, but if you are, kindly mention me in the credits. Thank you. {disappears in a puff of smoke}
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2 months ago
No problem! Mechs are something to be proud of! I just wish I could make them
2 months ago
Aw dude you just need to practice! I usually just make lil' random draft builds
1 month ago
Dang, this is Amazing!
It gives off a Japanese mecha stye vibe!
I love the use of the Overwatch guns!
1 month ago
aww man! I was just about to release a mech also built around droid bodies...oh well. I'll release it anyways. Good Job!
1 month ago
nice job thats great
1 month ago
I added a render (it's not a good one but I was bored so I am practicing rendering) also this is awesome!
1 month ago
Thanks @MOCMaster! I was noodling around with Reaper's guns trying to make a speeder of some sort and then it kind of rolled from there. But the original stem piece was da weird white skis (because we love da weird white skis owo)
Aw dang sorry about that @Shipmaster! I'm sure yours is waay better than mine

Why thank you my dear @Mando09

Holy moly that's a MAGNIFICENT render @XILLURT! Thank you so much!!!
1 month ago
No prob i love seeing other peoples builds
1 month ago
talk about elaborate !
1 month ago
Okay @opp.
/ ɪˈlab (ə) rət /
involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning.
Synonyms: complicated, intricate, detailed, involved, complex
/ ɪˈlabəreɪt /
1 .
develop or present (a theory, policy, or system) in further detail.
"the theory was proposed by Cope and elaborated by Osborn"
2 .
(of a natural agency) produce (a substance) from its elements or simpler constituents.
"many amino acids and peptide hormones are elaborated by neural tissue"
late 16th century (in the sense 'produced by effort of labor', also in elaborate (sense 2 of the verb) ): from Latin elaborat- 'worked out', from the verb elaborare , from e- (variant of ex- ) 'out' + labor 'work'.
1 month ago
I would wanna make a mech could you create an Exo-skeleton blue print
1 month ago
@mickflame45, often it becomes hard to separate the frame from the rest of the mech. Why don't you just play around with some clips in a remotely humanoid and see what happens (that's what I do)
1 month ago
I agree with @Shipmaster, @mickflame45. I usually use droid torsos, 1x1 tile with clips and 1x1 rounded plates with bars in mine, if that helps :>
I don't think there's a weapon shaped like those in Ninjago, @UltimateSentinelA7. I can check if you REALLY want-
1 month ago
@tarnizhed_bricks the dragon part is used for Kai, Jay and Cole and the blade is for Lloyd
1 month ago
how to make lego ideas project
1 month ago
I have literally no idea, sorry @mickflame45. If I did, I would be flooding the website with ideas xD Besides, I'm not old enough to make one
this mech is really awesome!!! I have been tinkering with it and making rendering images you did a great job at making it
4 days ago
Why thank you my dear {deep breath} @chickenyeettaloo21isuydgclisdbc
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