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Lax Assemble!!!
Published 3 months ago
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I decided to make myself as every Avenger instead of posting them individually.
Avengers included:

-Iron Man

-Captain America




-Black Widow

-Black Panther


-Scarlett Witch

-Winter Soldier



-Dr. Strange

-War Machine


-Captain Marvel

As many of you may know, I'm a boy, but I made the girl characters into boys. I hope you like them! Feel free to render it! Crediting is Mandatory if you wish to use anything from this MOC.

Thanks to @TheSpyderBrick for the amazing custom prints on Spider-man!

I have to give a huge thanks to @MOCmaster! He's the reason why I made this, and if you haven't seen his model, check it out here!

P.S. Yes, he let me copy his
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3 months ago
not sure if this would get taken down so:
3 months ago
I don't think those render will stay up .
3 months ago
What's the point in saying that if the render was already taken down? Please don't comment on my models if it's irrelevant to the actual model.
3 months ago
Alright ,but remember that don't ever say the renders in my project won't stay up either !
3 months ago
I'm just trying to help you out. I don't want anyone getting in trouble with Scrubs because they're posting renders that don't follow the rules.
3 months ago
Can I make one like this I will credit you for the idea?
3 months ago
Can I make one like this I will credit you for the idea?
3 months ago
Yes, but you can't credit me. You have to credit @MOCmaster.
3 months ago
ur welcome i was making a avengers one to u know ill show u when im done
2 months ago
What up lax_swag this is so sick. Im the biggest avengers fan ever and this is sick you should make mor like this
2 months ago
Thank you!

Seeing I've already made one of these, there's a very slim chance I make another like this, unless it's of the real Avengers.
2 months ago
Probably going to make another fortnite set. I will send it to you after so you can make it beter cause my building skills are not the best.
2 months ago
Well, I don't know how I could make it better. I can't even publish any models until I finish my custom [REDACTED] model.
1 month ago
this is actually better than the real Avengers
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