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Imperial Victorious Class Escort
Published 8 months ago
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The Victorious class was developed during the early portions of the Galactic Civil War as the Confederacy and New Republic repeatedly demonstrated the vulnerabilities of the Imperial, Victory, and other late-Clone Wars-era Star Destroyers fielded by the Empire. In an effort to compensate for the ongoing rapid losses of hulls, the Victorious was designed, tested, and beginning mass-production in an astonishing eight months; despite the absurd haste involved it proved to be a solid and reliable platform that would see service even to the modern era.

The ship was highly maneuverable, well-armed, and well-shielded for its size, though it lacked any provisions for Starfighters or even shuttles and its crew facilities were spartan at best. It also lacked supplies for prolonged, unsupported deployment, however with the massive losses taken by the Imperial Starfighter corps and the need to keep the majority of the Empire's available ground forces on the home front, many of the older Star Destroyers were able to replace their hangers and troop facilities with the stores needed for longer deployment- and a Victorious could, just barely, enter an Imperial's ventral hanger for re-supply.

The Victorious carried ten dual Turbolaser turrets for its main battery, along with twenty-nine dual anti-fighter laser turrets to assist it in dealing with fighter craft. Its most powerful armament, however, were the sixteen vertical-launch Torpedo tubes mounted on the vessel's upper aft superstructure, allowing formidable launches that could bloody the nose of much larger ships or fire clusters of multiple anti-fighter torpedoes from individual tubes.

The ship mounted four dedicated shield generators to protect its bridge tower and missile systems, along with two main shield generators that produced a 'double layer' shield that would become common on Imperial craft- one a hull-tight shield and one a more energy-efficient ovoid bubble. While these shields were typically linked in configuration to improve durability, they could be manually configured to act separately. While doing so effectively halved the ship's main shielding, Imperial captains were quick to exploit the advantages having both Ray and Particle shielding active simultaneously brought.

As technology advanced, the ship would undergo numerous refits, primarily concerned with extending its operational range, though some experimental variants included replacing the ship's turbolaser turrets with a pair of heavy Ion Cannons, a fighter-patrol variant with all armament save four of its Turbolaser turrets stripped out for external fighter racks and additional space for crew, fuel and munitions required to support them, and a 'special operations' variant equipped with a Cloaking Device and a quartet of heavy torpedo tubes in place of its standard tubes to facilitate the use of boarding pods.

All in all, the Victorious is arguably the 'ship that saved the Empire,' as the various other Imperial craft that would follow would all take much greater time to develop.
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