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Guess I'm a fad now...
Published 1 year ago
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2 months.

Everyone forgot this soon...

They'll be seeing this and be like: "Who the heck is this?"

A fad.

That's who.

Or do we start from the beginning now?


I'm pretty sure two letters will make you remember.


Remember anything yet?


Because I need to restart my Discord account and need another invite AB *laughs*

But seriously.

Should I leave?

Should I?

When everyone forgets me?


Who even cares anymore.
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1 year ago
no!don't leave!2020's already bad enough!
1 year ago
My Account Is not Even A Month Old!
You can’t leave this Soon TG!
1 year ago
bruh, I'm not quiting.

1 year ago
Yes. Leave. Everyone will forget you because nobody cares. It's a fricken LEGO site for building models!!!!
1 year ago
Gosh XD

You're new here, aren't you?

*sigh* You have a lot to learn, my friend...
1 year ago
@colinb why don't you mind your own business if you care so little of him (and us)?
1 year ago
And I do have lots to learn
Yesterday I just learned how to rotate early
1 year ago
You are right. I looked into all the drama on Mecabricks. I had no idea - I thought you were just looking for attention, but then I found out everything that happened with CJ, the CalcMan, and everyone else who has fought or left. I was rude. Sorry!
1 year ago
Drama? again? smh.

Ya know, idc what your gonna do from now on. MB is a lego-building site, NOT SOCIAL MEDIA. If you wanna get some attention, walk over to Instagram, and post lego stuff there. I'm so sick of this.
1 year ago
Yeah, but it's a social site, It's kind of hard to not get some drama every now and then
1 year ago
ye, i know, but...

1 year ago
It’s highly time for TheSpyderBrick (CJ) to come back and sort this out.
1 year ago
I can't agree but I also can't disagree
1 year ago
BYiC is pretty right on the YT thing, and this does kinda suck. I don't even think I know what a FAD is!
1 year ago
I just saw this and I agree with BrickBoy. I'm pretty sick of you trying to get attention; if you need it so badly, sign up for Insta or Facebook. I'm not going to say anything like "hey, don't worry, nobody has forgotten you", because you've heard it multiple times before on posts exactly like this. Leave if you want to, as the majority of users here that are kinda the "ancients" already have xD
If we forgot you, it's YOUR fault, not ours, as you didn't put out enough posts, or just gave up. Kind words, no. Advice, yes.
1 year ago
And TG, you've gotten to be a bit condescending. You're not the only one people have forgotten my dude, tons of users experience this, but you don't need to go and draw attention to it, unless that's what you're striving for.
1 year ago
thx wilderness. I experience this. I was probably one of the very first of "The Ancients" to join MB. my name wasn't even brickboy. yet I get little attention whatsoever. that's MY fault, not everyone else's. i should post more.
1 year ago
Okay, TG, lets be honest, you don't want to leave and WE don't want YOU to leave. But also, who has done ANYTHING to make you upset?! I'm still wrapping my mind around the thing with spyderbrick. I mean, cmon, whats happening?? In all honesty, we are supposed to be having fun, not making others upset, as well as yourself. I don't want you to leave, I don't believe anybody does. So don't do it because your mad about people taking a break (Well, Mine took a month...) But please think about this.
1 year ago
You haven't even seen MY stuff anymore, and that has happened to all of us at least once. Honestly, I myself am still looking for people's ideas to make something, but when I first joined, I was doing just fine without likes and comments (I still am) and this is the last thing you posted in 2 weeks. This is starting to get really baka (stupid in JP), and don't even get me started on how you quit MECABRICKS: ADVENTURE MODE. You left us all hangin' without a flippin' trace! We all (including myself) put you on our friends builds, don't let us down, but if this is how you want attention, deal with it mate.
1 year ago
@colinb Apology accepted.
by tg
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