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The Plan!
Published 3 months ago
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~ Howdy,

By dusk, Kirb and Seb had arrived at a fancy residential subdivision, searching for Justy's place.

Sebachie: "Is that it?"

Kirb: "No."

Sebachie: "..."

Sebachie: "Is that it?"

Kirb: "No."

Sebachie: "..."

Sebachie: "I-"

Kirb: "No! Oh wait, yes it is."

They then parked outside the home. Kirb opened the door and held it for Seb. The foyer was furnished with some basic furniture and on the wall hung the occasional sharp-bladed object, specifically of the knife type. Kirb led Seb to a closet labeled 'Do Not Enter: Nothing Special in Here.' He opened the closet door and ushered Seb in. Seb, rightfully confused, walked in. Suddenly, the closet lit up and revealed itself to be an elevator; Kirb pressed the button for 'Basement Level 9.' The two awkwardly stood next to one another as the elevator began to descend, staring blankly at the elevator door.

Sebachie: "... Nice beard..."

Kirb: "Thanks, I haven't shaved in a while. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to grow a beard for a long time. It look good?"

Sebachie: "It’s getting there. I was thinking of growing a moustache of my own."

Kirb: "Ehhh."

Sebachie: "..."

Sebachie: "Say, I was gonna ask you, how’d you come to know Justy? You’re a rookie in the Master Building club right?"

Seb's question is then interrupted by the elevator door opening on basement level 4. A porg is standing there, a translator on his neck, nametag on his chest, and newspaper in hand (erm... wing). His name is Fred.

Fred: "Kirb"

Kirb: "Fred."

The elevator again went silent for a while; the door then opens on Level 9 to reveal a group of people in what appears to be a secret meeting room. When Fred left, Kirb's smile faded.

Kirb: "When Negachie arrived, he destroyed nearly half of Saginaw county, including my home town. Burnt it all to the ground."

Kirb's eyes glowed with a reddish tint.

Kirb: "I was out doing my own thing, and he just had to show up!"

Sebachie: "Must’ve been Hell to go through that."

Kirb: "It was. Y’know, I was gonna ask this girl to see Doctor Strange this weekend. But you can’t date a skeleton can you?"

Kirb chuckled at his own joke, but his face grew solemn and his eyes watered. He wiped his eyes.

Kirb: "I was all alone. But Justy found me when he confronted Negachie and destroyed one of the big bots; he showed me how to get here, told me to find you on the way. That is, if I chose to come. He gave me a choice."

Sebachie: "Sounds like Justy."

Justy, Robin, Cold-Fire, and MechaBrits are gathered around a table, various machines and mechanisms surrounding them. Justy noticed the two enter.

Justy: "Ah, you came! Glad to see you in good health, Sebachie; we were just getting started."

Robin: "So we already know how to take down the big bots as Kirb and Justy learned in Frankeh- Fank- the place where Kirb lives. Why is it so dang hard to say that name?”

Kirb: "You’ll learn."

Justy: "Your mech kinda sucked, hope you upgraded it."

Kirb: "Firstly, it was Steve's, I just borrowed it. Second, I won't be using a mech this time. My powers, they are our best tool."

Sebachie: "W-Wait, you have powers?"

Kirb: "Yes, short story short, I have the ability to control lightning. The only reason I didn’t use them then was because I didn’t know you enough to reveal... this."

Cold_Fire: "Negachie’s been making more big mechs, Seb, and I doubt they're going to be as easy to take down as they were before."

Robin: "That's why Cold_Fire and I have developed our own androids to combat the Sebotchies. And Cold_Fire is even working on his own big mech. It'll have hidden cameras and mics so we can learn his plan. First we need to launch our army, then we'll attack."

Mechabrits: "The big mechs aren't the only things that have gotten stronger. This Sebotchie may look normal right? It’s not, his technology has evolved, they’re gonna be hard to destroy. As for the big guy, he has more, a whole army even. Get this, they're radioactively powered."

Sebachie: "So what do we do? Are we bricked?"

Justy: "No, we made these suits, they should protect us from the Sebotchies' radiation."

Kirb: "Sounds like a plan, except... that guy. Someone shot at the Stricker on the way here, He looked familiar. He may be a threat."

Justy: "Well then, we need to hurry; suit up. Welcome to Mecabricks, gentlemen!"
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3 months ago
that's cool can I join
3 months ago
1. very cool

2. wrong, you CAN date i skeleton, im living proof of that
3 months ago
Cool, btw, ….
3 months ago
I don't mean to be rude but something that I have put in past models of mine are blue flames in my hand that are actually freezing fire. It's a super power I made it up and basically it's fire that has the opposite effect of fire. If you touch it every part of your body will go up in blue flames and you will experience a chilling cold and you will be frozen until the flames die out which will be a while. You don't have to have me use in the story I just wanted to point it out.
3 months ago
I forgot to add it between use and it. :joy
3 months ago

Man I am full of errors today.
3 months ago
“I’m the bad guy”.
3 months ago
@C_F, noted!

@BB22, what?
3 months ago
Oh and there is also this but I didn't really count it as super powers. More of an extension that I can use when I want.
3 months ago
@Seb, I’m the main villain, did you see my 7th installment?
3 months ago
Erm... sounds like you're just trying to hijack the story...
3 months ago
Oh yea sorry! I figured it might come off like I was doing that. That's why I said you didn't have to have me use them if you didn't want me to. I was trying not to come on like I had ultimate power.
3 months ago
Heck for the story's sake if you want you can say the boots were destroyed by a radiation attack or something.
3 months ago
Oh no! Cold_Fire, I was talking to BB22.
3 months ago
I'm definitely giving everyone something to do with their unique skills and powers!
3 months ago
Oh okay I was worried I was making myself OP by mistake.
3 months ago
@seb, I just want to be the main villain.
3 months ago
I mean... BB, we kinda already have other plans for that.
3 months ago
Oh, but, I’m a Sith Lord now.
I now really wish I was here sooner because this would have been amazing to be part of I’ve been reading the negachie story one by one for the past hour and I love the story.
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