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TIE Interceptor
Published 5 years ago
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5 years ago
Just wondering Erwin which software you used for this rendering?
It looks great
5 years ago
Thank you! Actually I just followed your Blender tutorial and thats it. I am absolutely not familiar with rendering software (and up to now I have to admit that the user interfaces of rendering programs is just horrible...).
I sometimes make renderings in SolidWorks but the rendering tool there is very basic.
5 years ago
This tutorial/template is very good. I'm wondering who made it lol
I can't even recognise my own work...

Blender is a lot more than just a rendering software. It can do everything from modeling, rigging, animating to rendering. It might be the reason why it looks kinda hard for first timers.

I use Solidworks everyday for my job and sometimes PhotoView 360, but it's pretty basic like you said.
5 years ago
For how long are you working with Blender now?
5 years ago
About 3 years for modeling (I learnt while I was making the parts for the library) but only about 6 months for rendering.
5 years ago
Quite some time. I am still hoping to figure out how to get LDraw into SolidWorks (as a sample), then create a part containing all relevant points, and exporting it to Blender, whatsoever to speed up the part creation process. Or to get familiar with Blender...

Where do you define snap points, insert points, etc.?
5 years ago
Points are defined by a vector (x,y,z) for position and a quaternion (x,y,z,w) for orientation relative to the part origin. You can see them on the part page.
by KyL
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